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WordPress Tips & Best Practices to Make Your Site Rise in 2021

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WordPress tips & best practices to make your site rise in 2021With the advent of 2021, there is an opportunity to experiment with a WordPress website with best practices that we, as a WordPress development company rightly recommend.

There are many things done with WordPress whether to be using Gutenberg editor in the most optimum manner, going with the site redesign, updating or upgrading the website, etc.

Before you get on to bid goodbye to a rather challenging year in the form of 2020, you need to prep up yourself with the tips we are going to discuss to make your WordPress website a better place to be.

WordPress has a lot to offer with every passing year, especially when you already have a website built in it, and following specific tips will only make it even better.

What should you be doing with your WordPress website?

Undergo site updations within a test environment only.

Never touch your live website for performing any modifications as any WordPress development company would rightly recommend.

Your website is already live raking in a good number of potential visitors and customers, which means making any changes run the risk of crashing your site or resulting in broken links.

The downtime of a website is critical for any business, especially when a transaction is already in progress or people are going about surfing your website.

Eliminate such scenarios by instead testing the website within the test environment so that all the changed can rightly be made before making it live, leading to the website running uninterrupted.

Keep the plugins and themes updated at all times.

This is something that goes without mentioning if you ask any WordPress development company.

Yet we are mentioning it to reinstate that if you want your website to keep up with contemporary times, it is so important to have a regular check so that the website is rightly capable of keeping the security and speed issues at bay.

On top of that, the outdated versions are highly prone to uncertain vulnerabilities putting the website at risk and inviting all sorts of viruses and malware.

It can be a bit pricey to keep up with the site upgradations, but it is utmost necessary at every given point to have the website up-to-date with contemporary issues.

The site needs to be mobile-friendly for small screen view.

Today, in the mobile app arena, a WordPress site needs to be mobile friendly so that one can have a seamless website viewing experience on a Smartphone,

With well-maintained plugins and themes in place, it is no big deal to ensure that it is feasible for mobile viewing.

With a custom design for a site, you need to double-check regarding the mobile-friendliness of a website.

Whatever it may be, whether a preset or a custom layout if a website is not accessible on Smartphone, a business tends to lose out on a significant chunk of audience.

SSL certificate is a must-have for a business website

There used to be a time when only e-commerce stores or banking websites used to get an SSL certificate to mark their platform safe for performing online transactions via buying and selling.

However, today every other business want an SSL certificate to showcase brand credibility, due to a secured socket layer ensuring high-level safety.

It has gone far to the extent that Google flags those sites unsafe or “not secure”, the ones without an SSL certificate.

Hence, it’s a must for a website not to be flagged by opting for an SSL certificate through your domain hosting provider.

Do work with a minimalist approach for optimised results.

If you want to allow, your website to be efficiently useful and high on productivity, ensure the site has minimal site elements or components so that it is easy to deal with future changes.

Moreover, a site with least extensions, apps, add-ons, plugins, themes, etc. integrated makes an area less bulky and more comfortable to deal with.

It might be somewhat challenging to cope with new demands coming from the website or users, especially with just a few things incorporated. Still, you can always simplify things by keeping the elements as mentioned above or components to the least.

Working with minimalist approach right from the start and taking it throughout would always help you keep a site up-to-date with great ease.

Allow your clients to be a vital part of design and development.

Building something for clients and not involving them could be the single biggest mistake you can commit costing you big time.

When you involve clients at every single stage of design and development process, you are not just making your clients feel important, but even making your task easier by eliminating all the possible technical issues you might encounter ahead in the process.

Prioritize client feedback right at the top so that you are moving ahead with each stage only after client approval so that you do not have to face client criticism later on.

Moreover, it would save you a great deal of time in juggling between ongoing and previous stages due to issues popping up from nowhere requiring you to rollback.

It is challenging to move a project from current to prior stages, demanding the same things to be done all over again.

However, once clients are backing you at every stage, you have the least possibilities of a rollback, and even if that occurs, a client understands you more than anybody else.

Simple tips for 2021 to do wonders with a WordPress website

So, 2020 is gone, and 2021 has arrived!

Following this simplistic yet handy tips can help you conquer the globe with a WordPress website capable of not just benefit you, but even the clients.

Let these tips be a vital part of your workflow and see the magic created with an unparalleled WordPress site that sets apart from every other site.

Even a non WordPress development company would tell you what role a WordPress website can play than any other site builds on other platforms.

Still, WordPress powers 90% of websites today globally, and this says a lot about why you should be embracing this platform compared to anything else.

Author Bio:-

Rahim-makhani-AuthorRahim makhani, CEO and managing partner at Nevina Infotech, Enterprise Web App & Mobile Application Development Company, helps global businesses grow by the internet of things development. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and Blockchain, and some trending technologies.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/nevina_infotech
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Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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