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Advantages and Possible Limitations of Online Learning

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Today, we live in a world where everything is changing at a rapid pace due to the far and wide development of technology. The growth of technology can be seen all over the place and every part of our personal, social and professional life. People have started to depend completely on different technological advancements that took place in the world. It is very hard for the people to find a field that is not influenced by the technology. The fields of education, business, sports, arts, etc are a lot influenced by the technology.

Education is a sphere that is required changes every now and then in order to make sure that students are getting better education as per the society demands. The growth of technology have allowed the schools, colleges and universities around the world to make better changes essential for the progression of education. One of the most obvious influences that technology made in the field of education is online learning. In the modern age, students can learn at the comfort of their home by reason of the technological advancements happened in our society recently.

Online education, e-learning, or online learning has its own advantages and drawbacks. Here are some of the notable advantages and possible limitations of online learning:


Advantages of Online Learning

  • Convenience

One of the greatest benefits of online learning is convenience. Students can learn anytime around the clock by means of online education.  If you have a computer, laptop and a secured internet connection, you can think of online education and make online learning so easy. Online learning helps students to learn from anywhere, and from anyplace. Students can learn at the comfort of their home and they don’t want to go to school, college or university to pursue their higher education. Learners can access information about their sources or syllabus anytime from the internet. The ability to get an unlimited amount of information makes online education a top priority in plenty of students across the world.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is another major advantage of online education. Students have the opportunity to study in their own time and they also choose to learn when they are free. People who are working can choose to study online because it helps them to do the work and also to study when they are free. Students are not required to get early in the morning to get prepared to go to school or college if they learn through online. They can forget about the punishments that they get if they are late to reach school or college via online education.

  • Inexpensive

A lot of people go after online education because it is inexpensive. When you go for traditional form of education, you need money for daily traveling, and also should spend money for school fees, bus fare, school bags, Tiffin boxes, school uniforms, etc. You can save all these money if you choose to learn through online. Online learning makes sure that students don’t want to spend money for travel and accommodation of hostel expenses. If you are thinking about saving money and also getting better education, online learning is the ideal training option for you.

  • Other Benefits

In the present day, students require to obtain a lot of skills in order to become successful in their personal, professional and social lives. Online education gives you a lot of knowledge and skills essential to become successful in our day. Technology skills and knowledge is essential in modern workplaces. Learning online will give you better understanding about technology and you can become an expert in technology through online education. Online education can promote critical thinking, individuality, self-motivation and confidence, responsibility and self-discipline, etc amid students.


Possible Limitations of Online Learning

Online education has its own limitations and drawbacks along with its many obvious advantages. Here are some of the possible disadvantages of online learning:


  • Solo Act

Remember that online education is all about solo act. You are responsible for your failures and success. When you go to school or college, you have teachers to guide you but it is not available if you choose online learning. Students will get online instructors in order to make their online education easy but a good number of students will find it uneasy to learn better with just online instructors. All students are not able to learn better if they don’t get instructions from teachers in classroom. Participating in online discussions and engaging more keenly with online instructors or their virtual classmates is not easy as you generally think.

  • Lack of Friends

Traditional forms of education make sure that students are getting more friends to make their personal and academic life more interesting. When students go for online learning, they will not get the chance to make new friends, play with friends in school, make fight with friends and so on. At school, college or university, students learn how to make friends but online learning gives you no idea about how to make friends and how to maintain them.

  • Isolation

Isolation is a major issue with online learning. Students are required to study without the company of friends and teachers. Though online learning offers ease, flexibility, and convenience, there is always a chance for the learners to feel a sense of isolation. Online learners can now engage more eagerly with professors or other students using tools such as video conferencing, social media, and discussion forums, they have to study alone from their home or anywhere they are in.

  • Other Disadvantages

Health related issues are very common amid online learning. Online learners spend most of their time in front of computers and laptops which means that they are not getting ample time for physical exercises. The chance for obesity is very high with online learners. Online learning requires the use of a computer and other such devices for extended hours and it can affect your eyes badly. If learners don’t have the device or internet connection considered necessary, they won’t be able to take the course or learn better. Lack of self-control, laziness, lack of motivation, less face-to-face interaction, insufficient self direction, etc is some of the notable issues of online learning.

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