Why Java Is Perfect Language For Web Application Development?

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Java is one of the most recommended programming languages for web application development since its inception. The uses of this programming language go beyond user expectations. Programming for banking and other tech applications is incredibly common with Java. Compared to other programming languages, it is far ahead of the others in terms of features and security.

As per the reports, it is the most used platform for several enterprise systems covering over 97% of the desktops. Many development firms use Java for web application development and JS applications process millions of requests on a daily basis.

Java development services have become an obvious business necessity in the last few years. This is because Oracle on a regular basis releases new versions of Java for enhancing the functionalities, & possibilities in web application development. in this post, we will discuss why Java is best for web application development.

1) Scalability

Java is a highly scalable programming language for web application development. This is because the components are widely available. If you are looking to scale your web application, the language has all the features to meet your needs, especially in commercial logic and storage levels.

In simple language, it means that when you plan to improve the speed and the performance of your web application, minimum coding will be needed and Java developers will bill fewer hours.

2) Memory Management

It is a bit on the technical side, however, there is a simple method to know how easily Java manages the memory. That’s why we have discussed in brief below:

In Java programming, objects are referred to as a heap. When a web application starts a heap is created and it can increase or decrease once executed. If the pile is filled, the “garbage” is collected and removed.

Basically, the objects which are no longer required are deleted. The important point here is that an automatic system is present to manage the memory. Thus, in turn, it manages the effectiveness and web application speed.

3) Cross-Platform

With Java, you have to code once and then implement it anywhere. It is an important feature which is termed as portability. Java is basically cross-platform as the compiled program is compatible to run on all the platforms for which Java virtual machine(JVM) is present.

The actual benefit for the business is: the web application developed by a developer can be used on any device and in any OS. This is what is possible with the usage of JVM. It is your own “machine” that can be implemented on any operating system and on every hardware.

Thus, business owners are free of changing hardware or operating systems and any sort of trouble that comes. The cost of rectifying the software issues are also resolved. This is an amazing benefit of Java programming over other languages.

4) Budget-Friendly

Java is a budget-friendly platform that is in huge demand among the developers as well as enterprises. However, many business owners face difficulty in finding a reliable Java development company for budget proof. This is, in fact, a bit challenging when you want to build a web application with a budget-friendly language. Moreover, availing Java development services must be within the parameters of the budget constraints.

5) Community Support

One of the biggest advantages of the Java programming language is that it has a huge community offering support and assistance to new and expert developers. You can interact via numerous online forums, groups and also attend conferences, seminars. The community members support and share their expertise with each other. Java has numerous active forums, and groups helping in almost everything regarding Java. There are communities to help beginners and even expert developers. Java follows the trend of taking and giving back to the community. There are thousands of Java developers who contribute a lot to the community.

6) Multi-Threading

Java web applications can manage their own use by several users at the same time. This can be done by building threads for each user within the program itself instead of having to execute several copies of the programming on similar hardware. In this method, each thread is tracked until the task completes.

Below, there are some benefits of multi-threading:

  • Fewer glitches: The servers will always stay responsive and will perform no matter how long a specific process runs, while the single-threaded servers may stop responding and resist proper operations.

  • Fast response time: User commands are managed in a few seconds, even when the application is used by multiple users simultaneously.

  • Multiple operations: A number of operations can be performed simultaneously and the web application does not take time before making this step.

  • Better performance: The web application performance is optimized due to the optimal implementation of the cache and CPU resources. Your web app will remain responsive and glitch-free.

  • Low maintenance cost: This is due to multiple economic resources usage.

7) Highly Secure

So many business enterprises go for Java development services because they find Java a secure programming language. Java has several inbuilt and advanced security features including advanced authentication, access control, and cryptography which made it highly useful for web development work. Using these features, a developer can implement complete API including secure login mechanisms, ciphers, digital signatures, creating a custom security policy and several more.

Wrapping Up:

Java is considered the “king of programming”. The language has made a powerful impact in the web application world from the last 20 years. This is the obvious reason that business enterprises prefer Java for web application development. It is so versatile and provides robust custom web solutions for almost all sorts of commercial requirements. This popularity shows no signs of decline, especially when Oracle releases a new version of Java in every 6 months. Every time it becomes better. However, a few other programming languages have emerged but JAVA is still staying strong and has huge community support. If you are a startup and looking for a web application development, Java is the perfect language to start with.

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