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6 Free Amazing SEO Tools That Can Help You in 2020

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6 Free Amazing SEO Tools That Can Help You in 2020The main aim of every online business is to ensure that they rank high on search engines. They look for different tools and techniques that can ensure top ranking for their website. One of the best techniques is search engine optimization (SEO), especially for a guest post service website. With strong SEO, you can ensure that you appear in top searches. It is thus essential to understand the working of a site and understand how one can optimize content for higher traffic with the help of these SEO tools.

There are several SEO tools available in the market that make your website’s SEO game stronger. One needs to be vigilant while using an SEO tool as it needs to provide a proper solution to the problem. Different SEO tools address different SEO issues, and you need to select the best tool out of many. With the number of options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. To make things easier, we have listed 6 free SEO tools 2020 that can change many things about your business and help you rank higher.

1. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, or commonly known as GTM, is a highly used SEO tool that allows you to implement as well as manage tags. Business and website owners know the importance of keeping a track of these tags on mobile apps and websites.

Besides tags, GTM can also be used for many other functions. For example, if you want to create heat maps, keep a track of how visitors are landing on the website, conduct a survey, monitor submissions, track scrolls, or are looking to remarket, then the GTM tool would be of great use. GTM also helps in keeping a track of abandoned shopping carts as well as downloads from different web pages.

2. SEOquake

Using SEOquake, one can easily conduct a complete SEO audit in the browser of a website. SEOquake helps in examining the keyword data as well as the external and internal links. Your website can also be affected by certain optimization issues that can be diagnosed using SEOquake. This tool has two main components:

  • SERP Parameters: The parameters’ values can be analyzed in the results page of the search engines. A user has complete control over these values and can use them as required. The ranking of search results can be done in ascending or descending order by a user.
  • SEOBar: This is an additional toolbar. SEOBar provides quick access to the parameters of the selected web page. These parameters can also be customized. A user can enable or disable these parameters as per requirement.

3. Bing Webmaster Tools

The first step in Bing Webmaster Tools is to create an account and the next step is to add your website. A user has to include details regarding the website before using this tool. The details that need to be included is information regarding the website or ownership, sitemap links, and so on. One can easily create sitemap blogs here. After entering the details, a user needs to click on ‘Save’. This would redirect the user to the dashboard where several verify options are present. After you verify, the tool can be used for:

  • Submitting independent URL
  • Submitting more sitemaps
  • Ignoring URL parameters
  • Blocking URLs
  • Crawl controlling
  • Granting access to your tools to others

4. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best free SEO tools that helps the users to know what their customers and prospects are looking for exactly. Users can also access data that is directly linked to the searches. When one particular term is searched more than others, it is referred to as ‘trends.’ Using trends can help you in getting a good ranking in search results.

One can easily search for ‘trends’ and do not require an account for using Google Trends. All that is required is going on the Google Trends page. It contains a list of trending searches along with a small graph that shows in which hour these searches were made. It also contains a search bar if you need to search for a specific keyword. Google Trends also allows a user to:

  • Get an idea about the popularity of a keyword over a period
  • Know about the latest ‘trends’ in searches
  • Gain information about related keywords or topics
  • Strategize the content according to the trends

5. Google Search Console

Google Search Console was previously referred to as Google Webmaster Tools. It is a great tool for finding out how the website is being monitored by Google or how it can be optimized organically.

A user has to log in to Google using a business account for using it for their business. After that, a user needs to go to Google Webmaster Tool and select ‘Add a Property’. After that, simply choose ‘website’ from the dropdown menu and add your website’s URL. Verify your website from different methods available. After adding the domain, Google Search Console would start tracking your data immediately.

6. Google PageSpeed Insights

The speed of a website is an important point to consider if you are looking to rank high on the search engine results page. For a 100% score, it is best to go for the tool- Google PageSpeed Insights. In a search result page, the first five results are said to get the greatest number of clicks. Using this tool, you would be able to find out why your web page is loading slowly. You can even adjust the factors that are causing the delay with this tool.

After identifying the reasons, you can easily fix the problems. This is the most used tool by website owners and SEO specialists.


The above are the best SEO tools 2020 free of cost available for users. There might be times when you see that your website is not ranking high even after putting a lot of effort. These tools would help you analyze what is going wrong and also help you in fixing them. All the above SEO tools are basic and quite easy to use.

Author Bio: Dileep Thekkethil, who was formerly with a US-based online magazine, is the SEO content and guest post service specialist at Stan Ventures. He is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest updates in the SEO and technology arena.

You can reach him at Mail | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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