Google Labeled Low Quality Guest Post As Spam – What’s Next?

Google is pruning out the spammers out of their search results more aggressively than they’ve ever been. Now, they are targeting cheap low quality guest posts from their search result. Recently, Google updated the webmaster guideline, demanding webmasters to put only high quality content on their website and avoid filling their site with junk and spam content.

Now, the problem arise if you’ve been doing guest posting for the purpose of link building in order to boost your search engine ranking. Knowing about this change, what will you do? Besides, there are still cheap guest posting services available on the internet offering you massive guest post links in exchange for a small price, which is essentially the type of guest posts that Google is trying to eradicate today. If you are using such services regularly, you need to change your link building strategy in order to avoid flagging your website or blog as spam. Here are 5 tips to do your guest posting the right way according to the new Google webmaster guideline:

1. Understand the Types Of Low Quality Content In Google Standard



Not all types of content are considered low quality. Google wants their users to experience perfect satisfaction when they are using their search engine, and it means that they only want their users to see high quality content on their search result. Google mentions specific types of sites that are considered low quality in their webmaster guideline, such as thin affiliate site, scraper and doorway pages, and low quality guest post. Included in this list is publishing the same guest post in various different blogs.

2. The Focus Is In the Quality and Originality of Your Guest Post

There are multitudes of bloggers who don’t want to dirty their hands to write their own guest posts. Instead, they hire cheap writers to write those posts and submit them to low-traffic blogs in the hope to get some link baits from those blogs. This strategy is no longer working. Google is demanding you to write unique guest post, and you have to make it high quality and original, not just a generic post that you can publish anywhere.

3. The Value of Your Information and the Relevancy of Your Keywords

The information that you are sharing in your guest post must encourage the readers to spread it. It is best if you can engage your readers with your guest post, creating discussion from it for a long time. The information that you impart must give significant value to the readers. Moreover, the keywords that you are using must be relevant and used appropriately within your guest post.

4. Avoid Paying For Spam Links and Publishing On Irrelevant Blogs

Many bloggers are resorting to the method of creating guest posts by hiring cheap link building service providers with the sole purpose of search engine optimization or link building. Although if done right, it will still be effective for you to get higher search ranking, it is such a risky way of promoting your blog. It is essentially paying for spam links, and Google will detect this activity instantly. Moreover, most of those services will publish your paid guest posts to unknown, unpopular, and irrelevant blogs, which is even more of the violation of Google’s guideline.

5. Do Not Depend Your Marketing Strategy Solely On Guest Posting

Putting your marketing solely on guest posting is a suicide. If you run an online business, this can literally ruin your business in a flash, once Google found that you’re just using one sole strategy to attract your traffic. Your website ranking may gradually be decreased, and finally, it will no longer available online. It is always better to diversify your tactics and create as many traffic sources as possible in order to sustain your online business securely.

Guest posting is not dead yet, but you have to improve your strategy in order to make it work. Today’s guest posting rules are no longer the same as yesterday’s rules. It is better for you to adapt with the change before it eats you alive. Finding guest post service from trusted source is one of the biggest challenges businesses are facing due to cheap and unreliable suppliers have taken over and exploited the well regarded activity.


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