When In Need Of A Mobile Phone In Europe

Different Frequencies In Different Countries

Need Of A Mobile Phone In Europe

Need Of A Mobile Phone In Europe

The mobile phones in North America function on networks of different frequencies as from the networks that are present in Europe. The mobile phones in Europe are known to operate on frequency bands of 900 to 1800 whereas the phones in North America are known to function on frequency bands of 850 to 1900. If you are traveling to Europe from North America, you need to have a prepaid phone as the American carrier services will not work in Europe. Even if it so, it would accrue high roaming charges. When you are traveling to Europe for a short time span, there are several options you can explore for using a mobile in Europe. You could opt to rent or purchase a prepaid phone. You can use a European SIM card in a mobile phone that is unlocked. The options are numerous.

Mobile Phone Rentals

The first convenient option is the mobile phone rental option. You can rent a mobile phone and install a European phone number in it. There are rental phones, which can be purchased easily from any stores which deal in telecom good or internet service provider as well. You can even source service providers, who will provide such a phone and number on rent. Such data is available as per the country you are visiting. You can find such information online.

Understanding The Features And Charges

Once you have got a rental phone in hand, you need to know the features and fees that come with it. You need to be familiar with the phone features and the tariff pan you are opting for. You need to gain information on the following factors:

  • Per minute charges
  • Emergency services
  • Services provided such as voice mail

Even if you are in a country like Denmark, you will find cost effective mobile operators like Bibob offering a range of services for visitors, who wish to use their services for a short span of time.

Several Options Available

Once you have gotten a European phone number, you need to inform your family members and friends. You need to inform them of the fees you will incur for dialing long distance or international numbers. Knowing the charges will help you manage your mobile charges while visiting this continent. If you wish to buy an unlocked GSM phone, you can do so as soon as you arrive at your destination. These phones are available at department stores and phone marts. Ensure that you understand the fees and coverage of the phone and services before you opt for such a phone. You need to know whether a contract is required. Learn which regions of Europe do the phones operate in and how to refill the prepaid minutes on your phone. If you are buying an unlocked GSM phone, ensure that its frequencies work in Europe as well. You need to check with the manufacturers to know the frequency band it supports. In European countries like Denmark, you will find efficient and cost effective operators like Bibob at http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/BiBoB that has a range of tariff plans to help out visitors with mobile phone services.

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