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Local Search Engine Business Rankings

9 Ways You Could Improve The Local Search Engine Business Rankings Today

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Local Search Engine Business Rankings
9 Ways You Could Improve The Local Search Engine Business Rankings Today

It is now known by most of the marketers that the queries that are related to a particular geographical region will drive more response and deliver greater ROI than any other marketing channel. Thus, it is inevitable for local businesses to adopt all the levels of local search marketing agency. Here are ten ways local businesses could leverage the most out of local online marketing.

Make Sure To Claim Your Listing In Local Business Directories

Although most of the businesses know the importance of being found on local search directories, only half of them have actually bothered to update their own online listings. It does help you in overtaking the competitors when you take some time out to updated the local business listings.

The top name in your priority list should be Google My Business, however you should also consider Yahoo Local and Bing Places and also sites like Angies’ list and Yelp.

Ensure NAP Consistency

Search engines’ algorithms appreciate it when you maintain a consistent name, address, and phone (NAP) on the website and in local directories. It shows the authority of your business, thus rewarding your with good rankings for the efforts. You could ensure NAP efficiency with the help of directory listing services like Dex media, BrightLocal, or more. Also, it is a good practice to insert the NAP information all the pages of the website, most commonly on the footer.

Ask Customers To Write Reviews

Customer reviews prove to be quite a good factor as a ranking signal particularly with Google. It’s one of the most sought after ways to get listed in 3-pack of Google. It should be your mission to get more reviews. Reviews serve as a great tool to increase the click-through-rates and ensure that you get maximum traffic to the website.

Optimize The Website For SEO

Traditional search engine optimization techniques like on-page optimization for title tags, URL, meta descriptions, header tags, alt tags could fetch great results as far as ranking in search engines is concerned.

In order to excel in SEO, you will need to get some of the best keywords that are used by your prospects to search for information. The best tools to get the most buzzing keywords is a Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Wordtracker, or SEO Book. Links that link back to your website are also great pointers

Keep Your Website Mobile Friendly

The recent mobile-friendly algorithm from Google has ensured that companies get serious about optimizing their websites for mobile devices because that is where the majority of their prospects are. Also, Google has started labeling the websites with “mobile-friendly” tag.

Most of the CMS incorporate mobile versions into the design templates, so if you are using the popular CMS, you probably have that covered. You could also use the third-party options in case your CMS does not support mobile version.

Use Mobile Check-In Sites

When you list your business on Foursquare and Yelp, both of the websites give the facility of check-ins. Customers could use Facebook to check-in as well. Just make sure that you are listing your Facebook page as “local businesses.”

Embed The Google Map

If you are entering the business address in Google Maps, you are getting HTML code to embed on the website. Not only does it help the prospective customers in finding you, particularly those who are accessing the site via mobile device – but it also will help the spiders of Google to learn more about the location.

Build Backlinks To The Website

When your website is linked to by authoritative sites, it is also considered as a powerful search engine ranking factor. You could write some valuable guest posts, and press releases that could help you in the purpose of showing your expertise, meeting the prospects expectations, and also in getting valuable links.

Optimize Social Profile For Local

While engaging in social media isn’t going to immediately bring in sales, however it is a good practice to optimize the profile for local prospects. You could optimize the Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn by including the precise location and the local keyword phrase.


If local business is what you are targeting, the above mentioned steps will be highly helpful to increase the visibility on the search engines and attract the local prospects towards your business. You will not have to do it all at once. However, proceed gradually and implement all the given steps to ensure that you get an edge over your competitors for all the local searches.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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