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Mobile Application Developement

What do’s and don’ts should intend to while building an App

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Mobile Application Developement1Since Technology has penetrated in our blood, but technology in the shape of mobile phones applications is now integrated into human’s DNA and has got importance in business networks. So, we can predict that the mobile technology will definitely enhance your proficiency, commitment, and potency.

However, we all know that all the mobile applications did not get the appreciation as perfect mobile apps, but few. If you are able to follow the basic principles into the right direction and with motivation, you may get best possible usage form mobile applications.

Always stay focused while building a mobile application:

There are some following Do’s and Don’ts for successful Mobile Application:

First you have to go for Market strategy: DO’S

Making of an application is not big deal in the current digital scenario, but did you ever realize how much difficult to make a market strategy for your particular mobile application. It is a key to making concern to a business, but first, you have to go and realize how you will make a perfect highly innovative market strategy?

Don’t panic, just do a little brainstorming about your goal, always remember you should have the role model and try to learn some tactics that how you will go for launching your app. A plan should have great timing, terrific idea, and motto. So, in simple words, how you will get the attention of new and old customers who already using a successful app, what you have unique in your mobile app that people tend to your app rather than they currently using. So, it’s compulsory to make a good marketing plan at very before you are going to introduce your mobile app. So, always remember market planes are possible through different tools like PR, Digital media and by getting traffic though per click marketing and so on.

Be Clear And What Makes You Think You Want A Mobile App: DO’S

If you are thinking that mobiles apps is now a trend in order to good business or you want to make a brand for your own sake then you are mistaken at all. It’s very obvious thing that, mobile applications generating a big amount of revenue in business. Don’t go for these crazy motives, you should have a goal in your mind and should have requirements in order to get it.  Don’t go for the mobile application if you just want to do it, motivation, goal, and purpose is obligatory for this particular aim.

When you have already made your mind to build a mobile app then always clear with one thing, your app should be unique and does not match with your competitor models. If is it structure less and ineffective then be sure about that it will be a complete loss. So, be wise and you should have foresightedness that what you are going to do.

It should be Simple: DO’s

Now you should realize a mobile screen is very short in measurement almost 3.5 to 11 inch think about all mobile brands. It only means that your app should be effective, precise and clear.  So, don’t put plenty of features because it will be difficult for users to use all plenty of features initially, so features should be up to the mark but few. Your customer may get irritated while using your application and ultimately stop using it. If you make your app easy to use and effective than users will like it surely. Get feedback from your customers and get their advice because it will boost you up to add other features which your users want the most. Then finally you will find positive feedback and best business results.

 See impact of your app: Do’s

Draw some expectation regarding business point of your mobile application.
Measure the performance of your mobile app and as well its impact on the market.
It’s very common venturing in mobile application business and companies don’t bother your metrics but bother if your company is in the position of recovery.
Mobile application venture always requires attention if you got to benefit from it.

Just building an app: Don’ts

Mobile application building is not enough; always go for the success of the app in general public. When you make sure the availability of an app on app store, then it would be necessary for you to planning its popularity among old and new users. Mobile application business no doubt has a lot of opportunities for business point of view. The only goal which you have to achieve in order to survive in mobile app business is to get attention of your users, and make work well for them. So, without engaging users towards users app is impossible to create good results.

Have you ever noticed that putting notifications in App messaging is considerably increased in year of 2016?

Making your mobile app an afterthought: Don’ts

Don’t consider your mobile app is just another screen, if you will then I assure you are going to make un bearable mistake and you will not be able to impress your users for sure.  Your mobile app planning should be on larger prospective, you have a good chance to make profitable business by far. So, having a small screen in your hands possibly may got something you may never think about.

Once your app is launched then stop doing marketing: Don’ts 

The most important thing while you are doing marketing regarding your app, once your app is launched then you must not stop doing its marketing. So, it is necessary for you to continue marketing of your mobile application in order to maintain the success of your mobile app.

Don’ts: High price of your mobile app:

you might be thinking putting the high price of your mobile app will generate enough revenue for your business quickly as possible, don’t even think about it. Always pay attention towards your competitors and then accordingly fix the price of your mobile app. Otherwise, you may lose worth of your app and it can turn of the consumers. Don’t put the price of mobile app too low because consumers may feel this particular app is of low quality.

Author Bio:

Addison is a digital parenting and expert social media marketing also works software developer like cell phone monitoring apps. He is loves to writes technology and teens matters with theonespy teams. To more know about him follow on twitter@addisonalbert55

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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