How to rank your website on Search Engines

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Search engine optimization, shortly known as SEO, is based on a wealth of strategies that should be used altogether to boost the amount of people landing on your website. Ranking high in search engines is fundamental for success in today’s digital business environment. SEO is the key to making your new startup stand above the crowd. For a search engine optimization strategy to be efficient, it needs to rank your website as high as possible in search engines. Pagerank and domain authority are fundamental. Here are some further guidelines on how to boost your site’s reputation.

Keyword strategy

A “keyword phrase” is the set of words you assume people might put into the box of a search engine; the goal is to make sure your content – and implicitly, your website – is found first. Even though keyword placement matters a lot when writing content, the fundamental aspect is to write like you speak, and not stuff your content with terms and phrases that don’t make sense to people, but make sense to search engines.

Don’t underestimate the power of Google’s algorithms. They’re getting smarter and smarter with every day that goes by. The secret ingredient to a fruitful keyword strategy when doing SEO is to focus on a niche, and write articles or blog posts for the people. Tell a story and after you’ve finished a piece, read it out loud to see whether or not it provides pertinent advice and useful information.

Ask people to read your article before publishing it, and welcome their feedback. Ask them what they think about the keywords you’ve chosen, and whether or not they have to other ideas for keywords. Use Google Trends to see if a certain word or phrase you have in mind is starting to increase in popularity.

Give names to your pages

It’s vital that you name your pages when doing SEO for your website. Give them a descriptive name, paired with an <alt> attribute. Google is pretentious; it often uses a page’s title to display in search results. This means that you should write your pages just like you would want to read them. “Untitled” links are not at all enticing, and you should know that nobody will click on a page that doesn’t have a name (that’s because it doesn’t convey a message).

Don’t ignore hyperlinks

Google loves qualitative articles with hyperlinks embedded that lead to high-authority websites. Search engines “hunt” for links that to your site, but also for links that come from your site. It also looks at what words and phrases you use within hyperlinks, so as to determine which type of content is best associated with your page.

PageRank is determined when your website has links from other sites embedded. Improving PR is usually done by exchanging text links (backlinking). It’s ok to link to your own website as well, however it’s fundamental that you have links to your site embedded on other websites too.

Search friendly graphics

Whether you write articles, blog posts, whitepapers or press releases, you should give all your pictures <alt> attributes (descriptions). It will help the visually impaired know what sort of image you’ve added to the test, as well as compel search engines to rank your website higher. Steer clear of stuffing images with random keywords, though.

Mobile-friendly website and responsive design

Increasingly more people use their smartphones to access their email and look for content. To make sure they have a streamlined user experience, your website has to be mobile-friendly. Recently, Google has said out loud that mobile-friendliness is a core feature that helps sites rank high in search engine results. Responsive design is equally important. Since tablet and smartphone screens are smaller than a computer screen, your design needs to adapt and look amazing on any device.

Long, detailed content

Research says that articles and blog posts that are longer help boost SEO in search engines. A good tactic to increase rank is to focus on writing more than 1500 words on a post. The result is long-tail traffic, which in time increases your site’s exposure. How can that happen? To begin with, content that is longer can accept more keywords without making the article sound “spammy”. But it’s equally important that you focus on the authenticity of the information you provide when posting content on your site.

Google can be extremely smart. It will immediately recognize low quality posts that are only added to a site to increase its ranking. The longer a text, the higher the authenticity. This means Google will immediately spot its relevance. Keep in mind that when you write an article, you need to keep your audience engaged. Properly researched articles with associated pictures or infographics are extremely efficient. Good research matters because it conveys quality and comprehensive writing.

Furthermore, don’t forget to proofread your work. Impeccable grammar matters a lot. The best piece of content has to be qualitative and grammatically correct.

Track metrics the smart way

Last but not least, you can’t do SEO for your website without tracking metrics. It is fundamental that you know the amount of visitors landing on your website so that you can assess efficiency. There are different tools that you can use to measure metrics. Google Analytics is one of them, but there are others.


Leaving aside search traffic analysis, it’s equally important to keep an eye on keywords that compel your site to generate traffic. Serp Scan is a great tool that you can use. It helps you identify keywords; this will help you create conversions that matter.

Ranking your website high in search engines might seem like a very complex and nerve-wracking job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The more committed you are to writing good content and tracking analytics, the better chances you have to increase in ranking. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and consult with an experienced digital marketing agency for more information. This way you are guaranteed that your website will become a world-renowned business.



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