How to Find the Cheapest Hp Printer?

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New technologies in the world of computer equipment are rapidly developing, which not only contribute to the emergence of fundamentally new devices on the market but also significantly reduce the price category of models that have been produced for a long time.

The abundance of various printing devices offered on the market confuses almost every buyer, and only the experienced expert can answer the question: which printer is the cheapest?

The Cheapest Doesn’t Mean The Worst

Is there a need to purchase a printer for home use? And how else, because having such an assistant at home. You get rid of walking around the service centers of the press. That is a time-consuming process too.

Moreover, acquiring a budget option, you should not think that the device chosen by you will not have good quality. On the contrary, a simple printer aimed at solving a narrow range of tasks will be the most reliable assistant who will not fail at the most inappropriate moment. This will be able to satisfy all your needs, at a cost of $ 100-150.

Major Categories of Printer

1. Inkjet Printers

This is the least cost device as compared to the laser with simple design and inkjet technology. Today the price of the cheapest inkjet printer ranges from $59- $260. The paradox is that the cost of the original cartridges is so high that it is almost equal to the cost of the printer itself, and in some cases even exceeds it. Beyond that, one ink tank is enough for printing 100-200 sheets.

The situation is saved by the hp Deskjet 3630 a system of continuous ink supply, which is much cheaper than the original and allows you to reduce the cost of printing.

What to look for when choosing

Looking after the model in the online store, carefully study the functional and operational characteristics:

  • Black and white resolution
  • Color print resolution
  • Print speed
  • What interfaces are available
  • The cost of ink
  • The ability to print without borders is an important detail for printing photos
  • The possibility of its connection
  • Inkwell resource

2. Laser Printers

The devices themselves are more expensive inkjet, but in operation – much cheaper. The original cartridge for the black and white printer is designed to print from 1000 to 2500 sheets depending on the model. So, if you need only monochrome printing, then the laser will do the job of a printer for home use.

Despite the fact that the new cartridge costs about $22- $45, the cost of the printed sheet is much lower than that of an inkjet printer.

Cartridges of many brands, but not all, can be refilled with toner. This is a very profitable way. Usually, they withstand at least 3-4x refills. But even then, if a drum or cleaning blade is worn out, they can be replaced, prolonging the service life. Thus, the cost of printing will decrease even more.

Which printer company is best? Hewlett Packard (HP), Canon, Epson are leading manufacturers with proven equipment reliability. Cartridges of these manufacturers can be refilled and repaired several times.

What to look for when choosing

  • Print resolution.
  • Speed.
  • Cartridge cost.
  • The ability to refuel the cartridge and restore it.
  • Resource print.

Determine The Needs

After reviewing the main characteristics of low-cost models, we can now consider specific examples: how to choose a device based on specific hardware requirements. Consider a specific situation.

3. Monochrome Printer

So, you need to print a lot of textual information, about 300-500 sheets per month? In this case, the model HP1010, HP1020, HP1030 would be perfect, but, unfortunately, they are discontinued. But if it becomes possible to buy one of these second-hand devices, then you can decide to take this step, for at a price they will be much cheaper, and the reliability of these models is very high. Cartridge for them costs $45, Refueling $10, Cartridge life – 2000 p.

To calculate the cost price, we take into account that the cartridge will be reused; we take into account at least 3 refills. In fact, there may be 4 and 5, and taking into account the repairs made, the service life will last even longer.

4. Printer for student

If you need to choose a printing device for a student or for a student that meets their requirements:

  • Printing abstracts
  • Color illustrations and photographs
  • Monthly loading – no more than 200-300 pages
  • The color laser printer is expensive, and the supplies to it are also expensive.

For this case, we will select an inexpensive model of a color inkjet device: HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3630.


  • B/W print resolution: 1200 dpi
  • Color printing resolution: 1200 × 4800 dpi
  • Print speed: 7.5 / 5.5 ppm

5. Multifunction Devices

MFP, in addition to the printer, combines the following devices:

  • Scanner
  • Copier
  • Sometimes fax

The cost of an MFP, as a rule, is a bit more expensive than a simple printer, but with additional functions of a scanner and copier, it is more than worth the overpayment.

If you are planning to purchase a scanner or copier, then it is better to choose the MFP. In this case, you will save not only money but also working space on the table, because instead of 2 devices, you will need to place one.

Bottom line

Finding the cheapest deal is important for your hard earning savings. But remember, while choosing the cheap never sacrifice for its quality. Initial few bucks saving can be hazardous with the later repairing cost. This is the reason some professional like only hp Deskjet 3632, hp Deskjet 3520 for their own office.

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