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Want to learn web development but you don’t know where to start?

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Web development is a skill that has been very much in demand these days. Mobile app development, web application development, website development are some of the common service requests that clients put forward.

So, it’s not bad for someone to look at web development as a potential career option provided the future and present scope (not when someone is not having any interest in it) of the skill. However, the biggest problem begins with the thought ‘where to start’?

It’s obvious for you as an aspiring or budding web developer to worry about the start as starting (irrespective of the context) is one of the toughest parts in your journey towards becoming a web developer. Well, don’t be afraid as the best way to tackle the difficulties of the start is to have a right approach and plan on the table.

Most of the times it is seen that a learner in its initial stages tries his hands at some specialized web development domain like Python web development, Ruby web development or try to begin his learning with node web development. Node web development, Python and Ruby-based web development are the domain for which you have to build a base of basics first before exploring.

Now, if someone starts with node web development or tries to create a web application using Python at the very beginning it’s obvious for him to get confused, frustrated and finally gives up the dream of learning web development. So, starting with the basic and then progressing gradually is the order that you have to follow.

Coming, to the approach part how to start and then progress is still the question which you want to get addressed. Well, if that’s your wish then we are here for you. Don’t worry if you are new to web development and are confused in regards to where to begin. Why, because we have bought a detailed description of the approach that you should follow at the start (and further) if you are aiming to learn web development.

No, you don’t have to subscribe on our website to read the full blog nor you have to pay a subscription fee. You, just need to continue reading till the end to get that step by step guide for your aspiring web development dreams. Excited so, why wait more let’s get started.

Theoretical Knowledge

Yes, we all know that learning web development is more so of a practical skill but before practical, you need to get the theoretical basics right. Knowing about basic terms and terminology like the Front end and back end web development, HTML, JavaScript etc is crucial. Get to know the very mechanism of how website loads and how the web page is uploaded so as to get that idea of what goes behind.

What if someone asked you what kind of web developer you are that is the front end, back end or full-stack and you can’t even know what the terms mean. So, learn basics through theory and then the practice is the obvious next step.

Decide the area of your interest

After getting through with the theoretical part you would be well equipped to understand the basic of web development. Now, it’s time for you to decide on the path towards which you want to guide your web development journey.

By path, we mean that whether you want to learn the front end web development, back end web development or both (that is full stack development). Deciding on this is important as both require the development of certain specific skills that one needs to learn as a developer. Think about it and then make a choice as per your desires. However, the start would be same irrespective of the way you choose (though later there specific things to learn), that is, to begin with, HTML or CSS.

Keep going    

If you diligently follow the above two steps then congratulations you have started your web development journey with a right approach. Now, comes the hardest part of it, the consistency.

You may be someone who would get frustrated by the errors in your code, or someone looking to takeout some time for the schedule to learn the skills of web development or someone who is feeling it difficult to continue. Irrespective of the situation you are in all of you are on the same boat.

You are finding difficult to maintain the consistency. Well, now the driving force would come in nothing but from your inside, how badly you want to learn web development? Ask yourself and start once again. Remember, that practicing is the only way out to get a hold of any skill let alone web development.

Expert’s advice

In the initial days (and even sometimes during the later phase) you would need the help of an expert or senior web developer to guide you along. It can be anyone from your teacher, friend, brother, sister or a web tutor anyone who has a good amount of experience and knowledge in the domain of web development.

The best way could be to get yourself enrolled in any online or offline tutorial course (as per your needs) and get that right bit of advice and direction. While keeping on with your tutorial classes it would be better if you can get some inputs from those who are professionally working as a web developer. For that, you can join online coding communities, social media groups, chat groups etc.

Don’t hesitate to begin

When you are learning those basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, node web development etc don’t hesitate to practice coding at the start. Most of the time it is seen that the learner waits to learn the theoretical aspects of the development completely before going on to the practical domain.

Well, that’s one disastrous thing to do. Don’t wait for gaining complete theoretical knowledge. Once you have enough of theory to get the ball rolling start practicing coding and development. Yes, you would definitely face issues and errors but that’s the way to go. You learn to walk properly only when you fall. So don’t afraid of falling.

Practice what you learned, make mistakes and learn from them. Your, last mistake is your best teacher, as they say, so, let the teacher guide you freely.

Don’t stop

Once you are into it and have started to build confidence in your web development skills don’t stop. Say, for example, if you have got a good hand at HTML web development and CSS web development go for Ruby and Python-based web development.

The hunger to learn more would be fueling your dream of becoming an efficient and effective web developer. Don’t restrict yourself to a particular kind of web development. If you think you have that potential to be a full stack developer then don’t get tucked with front end or back end development (even if your initial goal was this).

The key is to set newer targets as you keep achieving the older ones, that’s the way life goes and that’s how your journey from a novice to a professional web developer gets along.

Another important thing in this regard is to not hesitate from experiments. If you feel the traditional development can get better with your improvisation than feel free to go ahead. Don’t restrict and confine your ideas let them be a part of your skill set.

That’ all guys, we hope that we have now made you aware of the approach you should follow in regards to the start of your web development journey. Follow the path diligently and we are sure that you would be developing those amazing websites that would be garnering heavy traffic one day. Feel free to connect with us for more such interesting content.

Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow.

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