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How Can You Become A Professional Android Developer?

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There are many different ways to be a professional Android developer. But, the best way is to enroll yourself for at top Android training institute and learn right under the hands of experts. Training will help you gain coding confidence and also by the end of the training period, they get the certification of the training taken. Training institutes also offer the placement opportunities and job guarantee which can give your career a positive push. The institute will provide live project training which will make sure you can implement what you have learned and implement it with perfection.

Well, just training will not make you a professional Android developer. Of course, there are other things you need to do. Let’s jot them down.

  • You need to learn about the developer’s world. Get to know about the Integrated development environment.
  • Learn the popular and best Android frameworks.
  • Don’t be a FOMO. Well, Android is a humongous subject, you can’t know it all. Learn the basics and essential and let the time and work teach you other things in the process.
  • Keep reading the latest blogs, articles, coding standards, and as many things as you can. Being an Android developer doesn’t always meant to code and develop. Read, read more, and keep reading it all.
  • Learn more than one programming languages. Say, for example, Java for Android app development has been here since like forever. But, learning Kotlin is not bad as well. Deliver the things as and when needed but learn it all when you have the chance.
  • Create a portfolio. While you are learning or training or indulged in a live project, create something for your own as well. While you are out in the world seeking a job. Before you are asked for a practical test, you will be asked for a resume wherein what work you have done is considered to shortlist you.
  • Listen to the podcast to stay acquainted with the trends.
  • Know and ingrain the clean coding guidelines for Android.
  • Just that you are an Android developer doesn’t mean you have to restrict your knowledge to that, learn some basics about the UI and UX design as it will play a great role in your career as a developer.
  • Code consistently and make sure you perfectly whatever it is.
  • Begin slowly and pick up the pace with the passage of time. Starting something big and unachievable can break your morale.
  • Test your app and yes not when you are done with the development. Testing should be an ongoing process. If you complete one phase, test it and make sure it has no bugs. You don’t want to spend a month correcting the mistakes that can be dealt with in a minute if figured earlier.
  • Follow the reactive programming approach.
  • Take part in developers event and keep in touch with other developers of your field. This will help you know about the market, what they are doing and how what you are doing and whether it is correct and if not what else should you do and how.
  • Get acquainted with the keyboard shortcuts. This will help you do your job at a much faster and convenient way. A mouseless workflow is always appreciated by the developers and if you can do that, work can be stress-free.
  • Keep checking out all the third party libraries at regular intervals.
  • Run two versions of Android Studio. Of course, a stable version for your routine tasks which should be accompanies with a beta version. There are set of features which are released on the beta version and you can get your hands on at an early stage if you have the beta version.
  • Explore different ways of refactoring legacy codebases to avoid the things from getting messy and complicated at a later date.
  • Test the apps you have developed in the low-end devices. This way you can be a pro at developing android apps.

Wrapping it up

So, you know what to do and how to do. Get started with developing your skills and enter the market as a professional Android developer.


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