Top SEO Audit Tools For Better Analysis of Websites

In the present scenario, there are many businesses operating via online mode through their business websites. However, the online marketing world is full of websites which are competing with each other for attaining top position at major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. To get this goal, they adopt the best search engine optimization services offered by the leading SEO companies across the world. This service is essential for every business website in order to get real worth of it for the business. For better analysis and easy optimization of a website, there are ample of SEO tools and techniques used by the webmasters such as link building, article submission, blog submission, social media optimization, pay per click (PPC) and many more. All these SEO activities are effective for online promotion of a website and generate quality traffic for it as well.

To maintain the dignity of your website among the online competitors, it is necessary to do regular audit of it. For this, you can avail service of webmasters who can do the quality audit of your business site by using recommended SEO audit tools and track details of website’s ranking, traffic, technical strength, conversion rate, etc., at regular

The SEO audit of a website can be done on the following facts such as:

 Technical Analysis

 It includes the complete check of website’s all technical aspects like its page links, loading speed, meta tags, and many more. Below are few vital SEO tools used for technical analysis of the

 This tool helps webmasters to identify all search engine optimization related issues of the website. Also, it gives details of malware or other security issues related with the website.

Using this SEO audit tool will help get details of all loopholes of your website. It enables webmasters to do better analysis of site’s page speed, meta tag, links, social media matrics and lots more.


 Screaming Frog


This is a desktop application program that can be installed on your local PC. It tracks website’s links, CSS, images and other SEO prospectives of the

 Keyword Analysis

 Under this provision, SEO experts do depth analysis of website’s keywords which play vital role in its online optimization, find new market, and business partners too. Below are few SEO tools used for keyword analysis such as:

This SEO tools is a part of Adwords advertising platform. It helps in tracking potential traffic coming to a particular keyword of a website. Also, it enables one to find more relevant keywords for the

 Broken Link Analysis

 This analysis involves the search of broken links of the website’s pages and fix them accurately for flawless working of the site. For this purpose, webmasters use SEO tools such as:

 Broken link checker tool enables you to check the broken links or dead link on your webpages. Besides, it facilitates you to scan unlimited pages and their links as well. It gives flexibility to track exact position of broken links on the website.broken-link-checker-tool

 W3C Link Checker provides you useful options while checking the broken links of your blog such as sending referrer headers, checking linked documents, showing summer, etc. The tool points where the broken links persist on the blog.

Copied Content Analysis

Copied content is also a drawback for the bad performance of a website. But, how to track a website having copied content. For this reason, there are few copied content SEO tools used such as:

 This is a frequently used SEO tool that helps in identifying the plagiarism of the website’s content. Moreover, it helps you track online content theft or fraud, and other duplicacy issues of the website’s content at regular intervals.


 Using this tool will benefit you check varied things on a website such as copied content, broken links, reports, page power etc. The tool checks the plagiarism of the content accurately and delivers right results.siteliner

 It’s another useful tool that helps in checking the plagiarism of external and internal pages of the web pages. It enables one to find redundancy issues in the content at both ends of a web page and show them clearly for solution.


 Page Speed Analysis

 Every website should have a good page speed that helps online visitors access or load the site on any internet enabled devices like laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc., at faster rate.

 PageSpeed Insights is an effective SEO tool used for checking the loading speed of a web page. Probably, it tracks the time taken in loading the website. Besides, it focuses on the short and long time durations consumed in loading specific components of a website.




 There are various SEO audit tools available which can help you do quality analysis of your website in terms of its technical strength, keyword density, page speed, plagiarism, and many more. You can check all such aspects of the website using relevant SEO tools and can remove the loopholes easily.

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Tom Hardy has hands on experience as a SEO Expert. He currently works at Sparx IT Solutions: SEO Service Provider and offers exceptional SEO auditing services to the global clientele. Also, he writes informative blogs and articles on varied SEO related subjects and helps readers know the best tips how to optimize a website over the web using SEO tools and techniques.


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