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Want to be seen in Google page one search results? Five simple and useful tips to rely on

Every online business and website owners aim for Google’s page one search results.  But to get there isn’t easy. Today, there’s ample content around the World Wide Web. Approximately, 2 million or more blog posts get published daily. The competition for websites to rank on top is increasing with every passing day. And the search engines are also becoming smarter. The tactics for efficient SEO today has become a great marketing channel. Hence, it’s crucial for marketing professionals to refine SEO methods many times in a year.

Google updates its search algorithms every year for over hundreds of times. Though most of these changes are minor, there are major algorithmic updates, like Google Penguin and Google Panda that impacts search outcomes in a big way.

So, do you want to rank on Google’s page one search results consistently? If yes, you can use these smart five SEO strategies to get there and maintain the high rank.

1. Get known for your local keywords

Do you have a small business or a start-up? How do you get to the best keywords for that? It is essential to know how every keyword work. You also need to see the way keywords can generate money right from the local SEO to PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. Want to know that one fundamental step to consider when you start your SEO campaign? It is to discover the targeted keywords that your prospects are likely to use when they search for your local business online.

Are you just starting out with your SEO? If yes, then make sure you keep realistic expectations. If you want to rank at the number one position for your local business overnight, that won’t happen. It will take a considerable amount of time. For instance, if you have a pizzeria in Naples, the best keywords to focus on are:

  • Naples pizza
  • Naples pizzeria
  • Pizza shops in Naples

Go ahead and target the local traffic in the city linked to your brand’s business address. If you want to target competitive regions, then you can do it when you have attained the primary SEO objectives.

2. You need to clean up the location data

According to a survey by Moz in 2015, off-site signals proved to be a crucial impact on search engine rankings. Google and other search engines today are fast becoming more updated. And hence, they are going to count on more off-site signals to ensure business legitimacy and also local SEO ranks of your business website. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • Ensure that your Name, Address, and Contact number is correct. Incorrect contact data will merely eat away your success than anything else.
  • Go ahead and verify on Google Maps as it provides the necessary details about your company. So online users who conduct 50% of their Google local searches via smartphones can call you as they travel to your store.
  • Get reviews for Google Maps listings. After that ask your present clients for sharing their review on your business.

A survey done by Moz.com has revealed that Google’s algorithm provides about 9.8% of a boost to your listings to the count of quality reviews on your business location. Do you want to reach out to a professional SEO solution provider and know more about this? Names like RankRabbit San Diego and others can help you.

3. Add in keywords in the Meta descriptions and URL’s

Not every blogger considers this important. But when you add the correct keywords in Meta Descriptions and URL’s, you start off with an essential aspect of your on-page SEO optimization. It leads to two advantages:

  • It provides the search engines with a holistic idea about your overall content. It also helps them to understand web content better and then rank it for a set of correct keywords and audience at large.
  • Makes it simpler for the human readers to recognize content that they were searching. It maximizes the SEO click-through rate that gradually enhances the search engine ranks.

4. Focus on an intentional website format

A deliberate website structure helps the users to locate the relevant data they want quickly. It also works well for search engines as well. The structure that you should concentrate on should include the following categories:

  • About Us
  • Contact information page
  • Sitemap
  • Privacy Policy

Additionally, your permalinks structure must describe the content basis on every webpage. And if you are using WordPress as your CMS, you can clean permalinks vs. id post permalinks. That aside, website owners will also require to make use of cornerstone content to answer the basic queries the new prospects might have.

5. Concentrate on user experience

The user experience will directly influence the website structure and the entire SEO for the website. The objective is to provide people with what they are searching for at the earliest. Any confusion or delays because of poor user experience might result in bounce rates. To be able to ensure that there’s a favourable user experience, here are few pointers to consider.

  • Have original content – Rich, exciting and plagiarism free content is the need of the hour. The more original your web content will be through blogs, articles, videos, and images, the more online users will get attracted to a website. People prefer things that they find simple to discover and digest.
  • Breadcrumbs – You can try and opt-in for breadcrumbs to inform the online users where they are. It also allows them to go back to where they previously were. It’s a visual back button which helps search engines to team all associated content efficiently.
  • Navigation–Your website navigation should assist the first time online users to have access to data as fast as possible.
  • Search box –Do you have a big website that boasts in-depth content? You can then try having a visible search box that your online visitors can use. Does your site have fewer pages? If yes, you don’t need a search box.

Attaining the number one position in Google’s search results is the primary objective for start-ups entrepreneurs’, established brands and other small business owners. Once you make it there, it’s going to be an ongoing attempt so that you can stay on page one search results for the longest time. Wondering how to get started? You can count on these five above discussed SEO tips and enjoy top ranks gradually.

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