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Enter the World of Digital Marketing- Basics, Types and Business Benefits

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The world that we live in has turned digital. Every day people are consuming more and more digital content at a faster and faster rate. Companies have begun to recognize the significance of turning digital, and for every marketing department, it has become essential to quickly adapt to the latest trends and to hire professionals actively in the digital marketing domain.

Basic Facts About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is promoting brands or products through electronic media. That is crucial both for its rapid growth as well as being the bright future of marketing. The technique of digital marketing is more practical, versatile and faster compared to the traditional methods.

Benefits in Abundance

If you have not adapted yourself to this technique of interaction yet, then below are some significant advantages of digital marketing that will motivate you. Here, the best step will be to use the professional services of digital marketing by Luxica. Take a look at some of the benefits of using digital marketing:

  • Budget-Friendly- First and foremost, digital marketing is budget-friendly compared to traditional marketing thereby making it an excellent choice for small-scale businesses that do not have many resources or capital. The new media of digital marketing can offer you a more effective and budget-friendly advertising channel.
  • Connecting with Customers- Digital content, free or sponsored, can help you connect with consumers more effectively than PR campaigns, direct mail or billboards. The strength of an online presence can be linked directly to your business’s success.
  • Mobile Consumer- With technology evolving in great heights a mobile handset is no longer a mere alternative to laptops or PCs. 90% of the people are using mobiles for browsing the internet on a daily basis, so it is vital that you use this marketing tactic which accurately targets these devices.
  • Better Revenue and ROI- When you increase your digital outreach, automatically it will increase the revenue. In fact, the more data you can avail from an outreach campaign it will result in better predictions and finally better ROI.
  • Monitor Customer’s Actions- Through analytical services such as Google Analytics you can track the actions of your customers, their preferences and above all get a good insight into their behavior. Google analytics will help you in building your customer’s persona which in turn will help you by providing them with the right experience.
  • Better Conversions-If you run a business online and market services and products online, measuring your success will be easy through incoming traffic which will get converted into leads, subscribers or sales, and through this method, you will be capable of calculating and improving your conversion rates.
  • Acquire Social Media Engagement- Should you desire your business to grow, through different social media channels you can get new clients? Ensure to target the customers resting on their country, age, and interest. It will help you in interacting with them better and also encourage engagement with the help of digital media.
  • More Likes- Often people do not give much importance to social media as part and parcel of a digital marketing campaign. In fact, the higher the number of tweets and likes you receive, the more the business can develop and thereby build credibility and trust with customers. That can also help in bringing traffic to the site provided you use such channels for informing your followers regarding discounts, blog posts, company news and the like.
  • Stay Head and Shoulders Above Competitors- The majority of the business have started giving up the traditional advertising mediums and instead are concentrating on Social Media, SEO or Google AdWords. With endless competitors online, it is quite a challenge in marketing a small business and getting ahead. Here Google Alerts will help. It will help you in getting a better idea regarding where all your competitors stand. It will assist you in monitoring both their products and marketing strategies and this way you can improve your business for the better.
  • Win People’s Trust- The new advertising medium of digital marketing has grown from social media signals, real customer testimonials, and social proof. Most clients will depend on a product or a service when they read positive feedback about a product. So favorable recommendation from people having a strong following on social media sites can break or make a business.

Digital Marketing and its Different Types

Digital marketing is categorized into ten different types so it vital that you know about each before deciding which form of marketing you wish to add in a digital marketing campaign,

  • Social Media Marketing- Social media platform has a powerful impact on the social media marketing. It is the utilization of websites and social media platforms for promoting a service or product. That means every information sharing and engagement with competitors, partners, fans or followers on social media with the aim to promote your brand is a part of the digital marketing. Social media marketing, in essence, is a targeted utilization of the social media conversations to boost up brand awareness.
  • Content Marketing- This is an art to use valuable information and storytelling to boost up the awareness of a brand with an aim to get the target audience in taking effective action. It is content marketing that aims to build bonds with prospective clients and rather than becoming an advertiser turn into a partner. It is one of the most strategic marketing tactics that concentrate on creating and distributing content that is consistent, relevant and valuable for attracting and retaining clearly-defined audiences and finally help in driving profitable customer action.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- This is a process to optimize a website or content so that it is seen in the top search results in different search engines especially Google. It is the search engines which decide as to which site to display for search terms resting on the keywords on a site. That means that search engine optimization has enough to do with placing the right key phrases or keywords in the website copy or in a container which you desire to display in the search and receive links to this content or website. SEO is a process to optimize an online content to make it visible in the top SERPs. When it comes to optimizing a site for search engines, there are different strategies of which some are accepted via Google while others may be considered shady, and Google may even penalize it. A strong connection exists between SEO, social media marketing and content of which the most obvious being that SEO and social media are ideal channels of distribution for the content.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – SEM refers to any paid traffic which you may receive from search engines. Google AdWords is the most widely used SEM method because Google is the most commonly used search engine. Here the marketer will pay a predefined sum to the search engine to display a marketing message in various places in the search results concerning a specific phrase or keyword.
  • PPC (Pay-per-Click Advertising) – Akin to SEM, PPC is also a medium of marketing where the marketer will pay for every click made on the website link. Along with search engines, every social network for that matter provides PPC advertising. You can see such ads in the social media feeds.
  • Affiliate Marketing-This is a form of digital marketing that is performance-based. Here the advertiser will pay for conversions and not traffic. In the case of affiliate marketing, the rates will be higher, yet the risk of the advertiser will be limited as he will pay only for conversions. This form of marketing is a hit amid owners who have a high-traffic site and also in case of bloggers.
  • Email Marketing- This is one of the finest converting marketing channels. When you send regular updates to an email subscriber automatically, you will be capable of building and nurturing a relationship.

Apart from this, there are three other types of digital marketing that you can try your hands at. These include radio advertising, television advertising, and mobile phone advertising. The bottom line is, if you wish to reap the perks of digital marketing it is crucial on your part to be familiar with the above-mentioned choices and select one which you think will best suit your purpose. For best results get in touch with a company that offers professional digital marketing services. This way you will be in safe hands. Being adept in this domain and knowing the ABC of digital marketing they can guide you in the best direction possible and help you attain success. Although these services may be a little expensive, it is better to leave some things in the hands of a professional. Do the thorough research, take advice from friends or colleagues and finally make the best bet. It will be a decision that you will always take pride in

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