Top Ways Writers Can Master SEO Best Practices

SEO blogs are a vital part of our PR services and social media management. Posting fresh content regularly is the easiest way of attracting more customers. You need to be proficient in writing and ability to attract users. Just tossing a group of words on the page and expecting people to come running is not at all good. Professional writers know that if you build it, the users will come! But, if you build it in a right way. It is important for the marketers as well to hire experienced writers so that the content shine all over. Imagining a content that works for you is not a game, you have to work hard to keep the profits coming in. Here, we will discuss some of the secrets on how the writers can master SEO best practices:

Top Ways Writers Can Master SEO Best Practices

Get your keyword research on

To earn maximum SEO benefits, one must research for the best and suited keywords. If you are planning to write a content for your website, a proper research on keywords is a must. The research may include searching for the keywords your competitors are using and other people are searching for. Have a check on how many times you work the keywords into the content and always use the correct tools to check where you rank for the keywords you target. SEMrush is one of the best tools that can be used for the whole process of keyword research.

Put the keywords to work

Gone are the days when people used to stuff keywords blindly into the content. But, today the game has changed drastically. You need to be quite conscious while making use of the best of keywords. Just stuffing the content can never be fruitful. For making your content + keywords successful you need to include:

  • A keyword in the title.
  • In the first 300 words.
  • In the first H1 or H2 (make sure you have it in one of them).

With it, try and make variations of keywords throughout your content. The keywords should feel natural in the writing. Always remember that the users are searching for a particular phrase because they want to learn more about it, so it is better to offer clients what they are searching for. You will then get more clicks and the returns will be great.

Write something people care about

Having the best SEO content nowadays is important but more important is to have a content that has the ability to connect with the audience. When we talk about the users and their needs, what is most crucial is to have a content that matches their requirements. Understanding what the users want is the most significant thing. ‘Customer is king’ and to touch the right pulse is quite necessary nowadays. For serving the users, the most important thing today is to deliver a content that touches them. They visit a website in an expectation of the content they were searching for ages. It is your task to present to them what they need the most at that time.

Choose Multimedia

Today, you only have mere seconds to attract users to read what you want to say. Make use of this opportunity by using some amazing images. Pictures, charts, videos, infographics, GIFs, drawings, and screenshots are helpful to enthrall a reader before they have actually read a word. Ensure to fill out alt text, caption fields, and filename with your main keywords whenever apt. Pictures are a reflection of the content and using them to attract the users is the most effective tool. Make it a part of your strategy and see the difference.

Become your own PR agency

Practicing SEO involves becoming your own PR agency. When you finish writing a content, the task does not end there. The final step of all is acting as your own PR agency. By this, we mean to comment on blogs and linking back to the website. You can submit your content to StumbleUpon and Reddit. Social Media Management and writing go together, and as soon as you click on the ‘Publish’ button on the article or blog, you should tweet freely. This will enhance your writing part and your article will reach to thousands of people.


Grammar and spelling errors are one of the major turnoffs. Make sure to use proper grammar and other related points so that the user gets attracted instantly. An error-free content always catches the eyes of the user. Bad grammar and plagiarism free content are always beneficial for higher rankings and of course good for the readers’ eyes. Having the best content eventually catches the eyes of the users. So, maintain that and be the front-runner.

Social Media Usage

The correct social media usage instantly helps you to up the game of your content. SEO best practices involve the usage of correct social media tactics. Almost everyone today has a social media account and when you promote your content and website over the social media, you will certainly earn profits. More and more people will get in touch with your content and you will have a distinct place all over the online market. Make sure you use the medium effectively.

Think Ahead

For creating the best content, one must think out of the box. With it, being organized can help you earn maximum benefits. A proper planning and ease of doing the tasks can certainly help you in gaining the returns you always wanted to. A proper plan and strategy will help you gain maximum users. Frame an SEO strategy based on the current trends and see the difference in the coming future. Consult your team members and create a content that enhances your website in a better way.


It is always good to have a proper content strategy to master the SEO rankings. By following the above-mentioned tips to master the best SEO practices can be the best way to earn the returns. A quick step to earning your customers can be quite beneficial. So, be ahead of the competition and earn the maximum profits.

Author BioI am an SEO expert and have an interest in writing blogs on the latest and ground-breaking topics. With this, I want to improve my knowledge of the SEO trends to educate the customers. I wish to work for Megicbyte Solutions, an eminent seo services company in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi India that delivers the optimum SEO services with the help of their professionals.

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