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Top Graphic Design Resources to Help You Work Faster

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Tools come in handy when we want to create things that we often dream about. A chef needs fire to make his culinary inventions. Musical instruments are essential for a musician to make music. An engineer would need several sets of materials and equipment to build a road from one end to another or a suspended bridge. Graphic designers, on the other, require some graphic design resources to bring out their talents. 

Sophisticated tools are needed to produce top-notch visual arts both on screen and on paper. With the current fast-moving pace in innovation, there is an ever-shifting color and shape that need to be brought out. The evolution of graphic design has been tremendous right from using brushes to the sophisticated electronic style and tool.

There is also an ever-growing demand for the skill, with the increase in reliance on data and the need for a more appealing visualization. A successful professional in this field needs to have extensive knowledge of different applicable tools to make the entire designing process easier, faster, and create a lasting impact. There are thousands of tools to choose from out there. 

We are going to take a look at the essential tools a graphic designer may need.


Graphic design apps

These apps are amongst the essential tools in the designing process. Any artist looking to go the design way must have one of these tools. There are different types of apps, with some being hosted in the clouds, and others allow for direct installation on your desktop. With the design apps, you can create content, edit them, save, and export the final results. They can work on different visual formats that include brochures, presentations, videos, and images.

The leading tool for this kind of design is the Adobe Creative Cloud. With Adobe, you get access to a package suite that includes Adobe Photoshop that allows you to create and manipulate graphics. You also get Illustrator to work on vector images with Adobe Premiere Pro to add after effects to videos. You also can export to different formats that include eBooks, brochures, magazines, and posters.

Adobe also offers premium services that you can pay for and get the added value and advanced features. Some apps you get upon subscription include macOS-exclusive Sketch, CorelDRAW, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer.

Pikbest is a tool that uses a template to create the most desired graphics. It has millions of templates that you can edit and print. Pikbest is compatible with several videos, sound effects, presentations, posters, and PSD file formats that you can use commercially.

An alternative free tool is GIMP. With this tool, you can author and manipulate rater photos. Inkscape also allows you to create and edit vector images.


Cloud services

Web hosting is getting popular, and graphic design is no exception. Online companies are offering web-based services that a designer can use to make their work easier. Online services generally target general users, such as occasional and non-professional designers.

One well known online graphic tool is Canva. It is a straightforward tool that allows you to drag your piece and drop it on its platform. From there, you can proceed to edit and share your work. It is the perfect online platform to do a quick design for professionals. It is mostly useful when you need quick social media posts or some creative content to post on your blog. Like apps, you also get the capability to get you to work in different desired formats that include header images, presentations, infographics, and many more.

Vexels is a dedicated site that majorly provides graphic vectors. It has more than twenty thousand SVG and PNG items, vectors freely available to users, and affordable premium tools for professional designers. The site also offers designing services for you if you cannot find what you are looking for. They have an exclusive lager repository of cartoons, silhouettes, and skylines designs that you can take advantage of.

Snappa and design wizards are other online tools that offer almost similar services to Canva to author and edit photos and videos.

Venngage is slightly different from the ones mentioned above. It provides a ready-made template that you can edit to suit your needs. It is an ideal tool for professional work, such as marketing materials, reports, white papers, and business presentations. The tool is equipped with customizable graphs and charts, stock photos, and more than ten thousand icons that you can use.

If you want to create some product mockups, you might consider Artboard Studio. Collaborative screen prototyping works well with Invision, and if you are interested in simple photo-editing, you might want to try Pixlr.


Graphics repositories

You might have the best idea but not the right photo or video to bring out your idea best. Here is where online repositories come in handy.

The best repositories to visit in this day and age are Behance or Shutterstock. They have a wide range of libraries that will most definitely suit your needs.

In case you are on a budget and want free downloadable photos, Unsplash, Pixelify, and Pixabay are the best options. They offer free images that are copyright-free and can freely use on your projects.


Cloud storage

Are you running some critical projects and looking for reliable storage that is accessible from any location? Portable storages and hard drives are getting more vulnerable to space limit, damage, and theft.

The cloud has proven to be reliable and safe. With unlimited space and advanced security, you have no reason to worry anymore. You get to access your work anywhere and make it easier for you to collaborate and share design projects.

Having an account with leading providers such as Adobe document cloud, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive offers you the best chance to get the best online storage services. You get to enjoy up to 15GB of free storage and affordable subscription fees for more space and other premium services. Cloud storage works best on shared projects.



The success of this field will largely depend on the hardware you are packing. A good computer does the heavy lifting when it comes to digital creatives. The Surface studio or the iMac pro are some of the best machines used for graphic presentation.

iMac Pro has a reputation with a large following globally with widespread use by hardcore designers. It boasts of cool features that will make you work the very best. The iMac Pro comes with an 18-core processor, 16-GB graphics card, 32-GB internal memory, and twenty-seven inch 5K Retina Display. It is specially designed for high-end performance.

On the other hand, there is the Microsoft Surface studio. It takes the bragging rights in agility, power, and sleekness. The PC is shifting the balance with its elegance. It comes as desktop mode fitted with a 28-inch PixelSense display. You can conveniently transform it into a touch screen tablet, a perfect form of a drawing board. It also has a Surface pen that is highly responsive and can aid in intuitive and fast designing.

Aside from the above high-end computers, a modest and straightforward PC can accomplish the task. With the capability of online connection, you can connect to the sophisticated tools that will not consume the local machine resources.


Pen and Paper

A pen and paper is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to put down ideas you have in your head. It also allows you to stay off the online distraction for a while and provides the space to be creative. Great graphic artists have been using analog sketches as a base for their great masterpieces in the past.

Studies show that writing, doodling, and taking notes increase openness, creativity, and focus. There are iconic pencil brands that you could consider, and they include Faber-Castell and Rotring. Popular notebook brands include Field Notes and Moleskine.



Graphic design is a field that is becoming challenging and competitive by the day. Skilled artisans are on the race to ensure that their careers are future-proof. With the fast-evolving environment, there is a need for sharp design skills and knowledge of upcoming tools. 

Whether you are a skilled or a newbie designer, the above tools are the surest way to get your projects done faster and easier. You are sure to reach your creative potential with these tools. There are several resources and content online that you can use to familiarize yourself with these apps and platforms and make the best out of them.

Are you thinking about a career in this incredible field? Check out the above resources and have fun.


Image Source: Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

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