Top Actionable Content Marketing Tactics

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There are always instances where the content you will find on the internet will either be stellar or just downright dumb. The trick is to make your audience come back for more to read. People these days don’t usually rely on ad banners instead resort to finding information on their own.

Therefore, the landscape of content marketing has considerably changed. In this race, there ought to be some tactics that will make you stand out of the crowd. So what to do? You market it in such a way that it catches people’s eye.

Dozens of content is written each day by companies to promote their brand but rarely do they find it being read and spread. What is lacking here you think? Effective marketing techniques. A simple Google search will bring you tons of articles on how to do content marketing right but we have some of our own to share with you which will take your company/business to new heights.

Do more and more Content Remarketing

It does not matter if you are producing quality content, what is the point if it is not being read by the intended audience? The solution lies in doing content remarketing. By content remarketing we mean that tagging those visitors who love to visit your website for finding the information they seek.

When you tag these individuals for new content, the read and then share it further. These people also have a good feeling about your website as a result. In short, content remarketing is done to retain your existing and returning users, at all times. You will see with time your goals will be realized.

Content remarketing does not mean at all that one should start duplicating the content over the same websites which will lead towards massive plagiarism and content duplication penalty. Today’s digital marketers are making the most out of various content syndication websites that not just helps in simply sharing and promoting your content but in addition to that, these websites also enable users to further research and curate compelling content by engaging with fellow authors and wide-ranging available content.

Do Keyword Research before Content Production

Writing good content is alright but solely relying on it for leads is wrong. You will need to complement it with rightly done SEO. Keywords are basically industry specific terminologies that your target audience generally use over the internet. It is of utmost importance specially if it comes to your website search engine rankings. The majority of internet marketers put greater significance in terms of having the most relevant and industry specific website copy in order to reach as much target audience as possible. Write quality material and do proper keyword research that you would be willing to target in your SEO campaign. And remember, this is key and an underlying success factor for content marketing.

Try to give answer to the complex questions

The best tactic, however, is to answer complex questions. What could be better than providing solutions to big problems in your post? This way you can automatically drive traffic to your website. So in simple terms, look for topics that are addressing the public need and the rest will take care of itself.

Add data into your content

Text in content is okay but if it is being backed my substantial amount facts and figures, you can take your content marketing to whole another level. The common misnomer is that people are bored by numbers. On the contrary, people actually find data and stats interesting. Content that is quantitatively correct and valid is more likely to be liked, shared and followed by greater number of online readers over the internet which largely highlights the importance of adding valuable data to your piece of content.

This tactic helps them reaffirm their belief that whatever they are reading is not one person’s point of view rather a lot of digging has gone into producing such quality content. The stats could be from a government’s website or from any credible blog site such as HubSpot, Mashable, Social Media Examiner, Forbes et cetera.

Don’t copy the popular blogs

Content marketers often choose to copy paste some of the renowned blog posts and present it as their own work. What they fail to understand and from a blogger’s perspective that the Internet has made access to everyone within grasps of whatever information they seek.

Do you think a person cannot figure out by doing a quick search of the content whether or not the content has been previously used on another site or written by someone else prior to yours? The online plagiarism checking tools make the job even easier.

Also, the content that you have copied will get you in hot water with search engines. You could almost certainly lose the credibility (if any) of your brand online. If you must copy a piece of information which you think will convey the message best, make sure to credit that source in your writing.

Content Should Reflect Brand Voice

The essence of content marketing lies in the fact that it should carry your brand’s voice. In other words, it should be such that speaks and breathes your brand. If it does not then what is the point. If the brand cannot be promoted via the content you have written, the whole purpose is defeated.

Publish only Best Content

Don’t just post everything that you write. Select carefully among them and designate a day or time of the week when you will be publishing it. If you wish to publish content daily that’s fine too (provided it’s good). But in the latter case rarely do the best come out.

In conclusion

When all is said and done evaluate the success of your content. Google Analytics is a good way to keep tabs on how your content is doing. So there you go! Actionable content marketing tactics for your next campaign.

Author bio:

Gareth Bale is a content marketer by profession and writes to educate his audience. He can be contacted for content writing services by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


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