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Tips for Growing Your Audience on Social Media

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Tips for Growing Your Audience on Social Media One of the best ways to grow your audience is through building a social media brand. It helps you engage directly with your core following uniquely and creatively. Consider it an extension of your website to give you more edge with your brand. Here are some tips to help you grow your audience on social media.

Analyze Different Social Media Channels

While you might buy Instagram followers, that’s only one tactic to help you with social media. Find some common ground on various networks. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when marketing on social media profiles.

Maybe you’re more active on Twitter but seem to get the most engagement on Facebook. Find out what tactics you can do to enhance your presence on each site. Also, look at the demographic to see what age group and country visit your site.

It can help you get more traffic in the long term.

Know Your Audience

One of the best things to gain traffic is knowing your audience. Do you have products you sell via social media that attract a younger or older demographic? Maybe you know the best content length to keep people’s attention.

Also, are you promoting something that caters to a natural lifestyle? Maybe you have organic hair care products without using harsh chemicals. It would work well for people that live a vegan lifestyle or become more eco-friendly with time.

You may find it in a more millennial lifestyle where people take a modern approach. What buzzwords or strategies do you use to get their attention?

Understand Your Goals

Define your goals early in the mix. Do you plan to work with a big-time company through an endorsement deal? You might have the ideal traffic, and people hang to your words, but you don’t have a product to promote.

Maybe you want to educate people on a new way of doing something in their everyday life. You may have a site full of valuable information but need to shorten it to get more eyes on what you offer. Social media would be the best way to present this knowledge.

You might have a product you’re working on but don’t have any traffic. You can create a following and get audience feedback through comments, polls, and testing to see what interaction you get for your content.

Develop Dynamic Content

Content is king. However, it’s more challenging than ever to keep people glued to what you have on your page. It requires something creative, informative, and eye-catching for people to talk to you. You may feel like your stuff gets overlooked because of the saturation in the market.

However, quality always beats quantity. Find out how you can raise the attention of your content. You might have a black and white photo to create a statement with a powerful message attached to it.

Maybe you can create a heartfelt description that touches people. It might motivate people to share what you say in their feeds.

Additionally, you want to develop good video content to get more eyes on watching your stuff. It’ll help you build the retention rate.

List the Best Hashtags

Another tip to help you bring more traffic to your social media profiles is using better hashtags. Keep them relevant to your niche. If you’re doing something in marketing, you want your content and hashtags to fit.

You might have some hashtags regarding SEO, digital marketing, and blogging. Then you might have a specific hashtag that your followers know about to help cater to a unique niche. Your distinctive tag may get better traction and notoriety on social media.

You have your core audience reposting or writing it on their profiles. Consider how effective this will be for long-term linking because these hashtags get right to the core audience that wants to find out more information about your content.

Be Consistent

Whether you create daily or weekly content, you have to be consistent to keep your core target satisfied. You can’t just post three times a week then drop off once a month. That would lead them to find the next best thing, and they may never return to your social page or website because of a better competitor.

Having consistent output allows you to get on a quality routine. Knowing that your audience checks for your work can help motivate you to stay creative and go beyond market trends.

Also, your core followers will appreciate that you stay consistent with them because it shows you care. When your audience knows that you cater to their well-being, it’s a lot easier to keep them loyal. It’s a reciprocating relationship that benefits both sides.

Link Your Website to Social Media

Whether you have website links on your social media page or link to your profiles from your web brand, you need to create this back and forth to help you gain more traffic.

You must have social media buttons on your blog posts to help make it convenient for people to share on their networks. It can encourage others to read your posts and do the same. While it’s good to have email newsletters, this may not work for a younger audience.

Make sure to have working links on all your pages. Put the social media links in the header and footer on your site. Also, put the website links in your social network descriptions to keep them visible for the reader.

Create a Human Element to Your Page

You don’t want to sound robotic to your audience because it may just seem like you’re after their money. Adding a human factor makes you more relevant to your audience’s cause. Creating confidence and comfort can make your core target want to comment or buy any products you offer.

Additionally, they won’t feel alienated because you’re presenting something genuine. Use various methods to build your social media following to help you create a stable audience for your web products and more.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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