The Full Guide on How to Become a Web Designer 2020

web designer guide Becoming a web designer is no easy task. It is a creative job that comes with many benefits and advantages, but also some issues and risks. According to Webilistic designers who thrive in the field get to work with the latest technology, cultivate better user experiences and play with the latest marketing trends. In the 21st century, a career in web designing is sought after and admired. It pays well, it’s interesting and it’s a fresh take on the 9-5 ordeal of daily routine. But if you want to become a successful web designer you will have to take into account many factors, such as your education and networking skills. So what does it take to become a web designer? On the road to having a proficient career in web design, there are many surprises and hurdles along the way. This is why aspiring designers need a guide to tell them about the entire process of making it in the web designing industry. Not only do designers need to have a good eye for the right aesthetic but they need to be well versed in techniques, digital art, design theory, and other basic skills. To get you started in the field, we have gathered the necessary details to help you along the way.

Job Stats for Web Designers

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How Much Does a Web Designer Make in the US?

The average yearly income of a web designer in the United States was found to be $64,030 in October 2019. But the range has seen some changes and usually falls between $56,345 and $70,108. The salary of a designer depends on his or her education, certification, additional skills and overall experience, which is why there is no exact pay target to go for. In comparison, web developers had a median salary of $67,990 in 2017. But what exactly is the difference between these two?

Job Description of a Web Designer

Web designers have their own specific job description, which is usually associated with the kind of skills they have. From a number of recruiting sites, the following aspects of the job are attributed to the work of web designers.

Technical Support

Designers develop and create web pages from scratch, along with associated applications for companies and individuals. They are supposed to help clients with technical and graphical elements of a site.


Designers need to know how to code sites that are compatible with their preferred platforms and further need to update any changes to a site’s layout.

Functioning of Networks

Designers need to be familiar with internet technology and how network functioning actually works since most of their job entails paying extra attention to detailing.

Good Customer Service

Customer relation skills are imperative to the role of a designer as they need to be able to problem-solve on their feet and have patience with their clients.

Excellent Communication Skills

Besides this, all web designers should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as these are part of what makes their job different and versatile. Even the most affordable web design services require good and effective communication on the part of web designers.

In Conclusion

This article has explained and elaborated on how you can become a web designer. It is not a difficult process but it is lengthy and requires a lot of thought and training for you to become a professional and an expert.

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