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2020 seo trends


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With the continued expansion of online competition and the introduction of new websites, it is time to reflect the content marketing strategy and invest in SEO. SEO tactics need to be very relevant for websites that meet specific requirements set out by search engines like Google.

For digital marketers, Web site proprietors and brands of all sizes, SEO is relevant because in a nutshell, when someone types a search for an answer to a question, it enables the web site to appear in search results. This also increases the visibility of your site in the SERPs, leading to greater organic traffic on your site.

You must be aware of the SEO trends in your search engine and make sure you update your website and find more prospects and customers.


The SERPs Will Get Improved

The results pages (SERPs) of the search engine are not the same as they were a few years ago.

The proportion of ads increased, the reply boxes and app samples were added to their clicks and the 2018 “People always ask” feature (which blends a few response boxes with the organic research result) has become more relevant.

Keyword Search Is Becoming More Important

From a search engine to an answer engine, Google has developed. While how keywords have been used in the web pages to boost significance has changed, the basics of your SEO services still to fall on keyword searches.

Either by entering text or using a voice the searches are performed, keywords are the primary element of algorithm ranking.

Enhanced Site’s Engagement Metrics

The engagement metrics measure the content’s effectiveness. While not expressly specified by Google, the search engine giant tests your site’s interaction metrics to help assess the quality of your content and then rate it in the search results. The engagement metrics that play a significant role in rankings are:

Bounce Rate:

Refers to the percentage of visitors who visit your site and then leave without visiting any other pages on your site.

Dwell Time:

The time between a person clicking on a search result and leaving that page.

Time on Page:

The amount of time a visitor spends on your web site reading a single page.

Return Visits:

Number of visitors that land once again on your site after previous visits.

Click to Call:

The number of click-to-call requests made to connect to your company.


The number of comments people leave regarding your business or content.

Social Shares:

The number of social shares you receive from your content.

In 2020, the advertising or products promoted by an influencer should earn more media shares and higher interaction in terms of feedback and page time.

Top-quality and optimized content

In SEO, from your site structure and internal connection strategy to link types that you build, the content affects everything. To succeed in 2020, you will need to write appropriate and worth content. This means that SEOs need to learn how to write or hire people who know how to write. Google’s editorial discretion is not perfect yet there will still be content that ranks that shouldn’t.

Mobile SEO

Surprised to see the Web SEO as a significant trend in 2020? Don’t be so. According to top software houses, almost every prospect that comes into our shop has a mobile site which is a mess. To succeed in 2020, 2017 strategies need to be applied and your smartphone locked. Build mobile-first websites, then make them desktop compatible. Thus, those sites do not need to be optimized for speed after the start.


You should tap into programming languages such as Python and R in 2020 to eliminate your time-consuming and redundant tasks.

SEO automation will free you up to take advantage of the fundamental marketing power:

  • Branding.
  • Creating great experiences for customers.
  • Telling stories.
  • Speak the language of your Customer.
  • Listening to your target market & providing timely and thoughtful responses.
  • To provide content that is easy to consume (in the way your users want it).
  • Human beings.

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