The First Start up that Gives One – a Straight Answer!

As the virtual world is growing more and more popular among the new generation, encyclopedia and knowledge is far more easily accessible to us. When one avails for a new, technological intelligence, they generally expect direct answers to their query. People of all age groups now partly depend on their gadgets and the web-powered devices with various search engines to solve their How? Why? Where? Who? When? Which?

The “Cute”, Simple and Easy to Use Search Website is Here

Askives refers to its website as “cute”, while one desires to solve his\her query, appearance is an effective opinion changer. The website is designed beautifully, to compel one to make searches here. It is absolutely free, one just has to click on the website and make the search. The best possible answer and solution is delivered in seconds. The website values its user’s opinions. Therefore, it comes with the added feature of commenting and providing inputs for all queries. So, if one is not satisfied with the answer, he\she can make such comments. It considers all inputs and adds the reviews to their archives. If in future someone makes a similar query, they will get access to those points and those ideas will help them too. Hence, people literally help each other through this website, by simple sharing ideas and opinions.  Thus, implementing the use of this ‘artificial intelligence’ is beneficial, as unlike other search engines, one does not have to look for the best possible answer, among varied options. It is a time savior, and provides the best answer directly. It has been specially designed for inquiry and answer operations. The website solves all the queries regardless of the subject matter of the question. To get the exact correct answer, one must be specific with the question, and to make this process easy, the website has categorized specification and type of question, as – Whom? How? When? Etc.

The search engine is new, yet it guarantees regular updates to be able to solve all the queries of the varied range of users to visit the website each day. This user-friendly search engine comes with a search box, where one has to input the question. Several solutions will be provided, one can select the best answer, however if that becomes difficult the nearest possible solution will be suggested along with reliable documents. So, one can, not only search for answers, but look through documents as well. Thus, this expert guidance not only helps one to take their carrier to new heights, but also assists in landing a good job. Students can use it as an alternative to the encyclopedia or the dictionary. It is a portable knowledge book, which can be accessed from any web-powered device and anywhere. Any work complication can be sorted in minutes via browsing through the solutions the website has to offer. This, new technology has gained the trust of millions of users in a short span of a time, and is a revolutionary novelty that one must use. So, why be ignorant? Askives is here to impart knowledge and erudition to all.

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