The black Hat Techniques in SEO 2014

The black hat SEO agencies are now organized and they are going to hold the BlackHat World Conference in the year 2014 in similar way the normal SEO agencies hold conference in order to share information among the SEO companies as well as the clients. But arranging a conference solely for the black hat SEO is unprecedented and raises eyebrows. It is as good as throwing open challenge to the established norms of the search engines and to the SEO agencies who want to abide the rules of the search engines. This may have a long term consequences by eliminating the gap between the white cap and black cap practices. In order to hold on to the business all the SEO agencies will resort to the black hat practices. It is to be seen how the search engines retaliate to the challenge.

The techniques which are called black hat

It is interesting to know the techniques which are adopted by the black hat SEO agencies in order to rank their clients’ web site high in the search engines. The marketing executives of all the companies which are going in for the online marketing strategy want their web site to appear at least at the first page of the search engines. It is now well known from various surveys that 90% of the total number of visitors does not search beyond the first page of the search engines. Many even consider the sites in the later pages as rubbish and never wish to visit them. This means if the web site does not appear in the first page of the search engines then the web site is very likely to be visited by no one. This is the reason why many less relevant sites employ the black hat SEO to somehow manage to get on to the first page of the search engines.

The methods which the black hat SEO employs are

Keyword stuffing

The keywords form a very important criterion in the ranking of the web sites. If the entered keyword is nonspecific and broad it invites maximum competition. Hence your web site has the remote chance of getting to the top ten. If you can select a specific keyword having narrowed down meaning it will have less competition. So chances are fare that the site will get among the top ten.

In such situation the black hat SEO experts go for keyword stuffing. This means that the web site will be stuffed with keyword and keyword phrases in repetition including the tags. This they do in spite of the fact that the content becomes unreadable to the humans. But the spider software considers these as signals. But the modern search engine can detect such stuffing if they find the use of the keywords unreasonably high.

Hiding text

By this technique the SEO experts attempt to hide the stuffed keywords from the users so that they can comfortably read while befooling the search engines. There exist many methods to hide the text. One may be to use the same background colour as the text. The Z positioning method uses different planes to obstruct the view from the users. Absolute positioning places the texts beyond the visible arena of the text thus restraining the users to see it. The search engines are trying to advance their software to detect such practices.

Doorway pages

It is also termed as landing pages which is designed to fool the search engine software while it is not useful for the users. But this practice can be detected easily by the search engines.


It denotes designing a web page content which is not similar to the content of the actual web site. It is only to misdirect the spider to consider the web site as useful.

Now in the BlackHat World Conference they are going to sanctify these practices.

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