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Stay Tuned-The Winning Search Engine Optimization Strategies of 2018 Unveiled

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Search Engine Optimization has transformed the landscape of the World Wide Web. Everyone involved in the online business should not only be aware of this but also embrace the same thoroughly. The best-practices in SEO are always evolving, and so it is vital to learn and stay updated on the latest strategies and trends in SEO in 2018.

The Need to Stay Updated

If you think that the SEO strategies that you used some years back will work fine today, then this is necessarily not the case. The technology of late has changed and being an online business owner and it is essential on your part to accordingly adapt your efforts. If you wish to stay head and shoulders above the rest and outwit them, then it is high time that you make the most of the contemporary SEO strategies. To win the battle, you need to familiarize yourself with all the new bells and whistles. To know more consult a professional Cincinnati SEO Agency.

2018 SEO Strategies That You Should Adopt To

Take a look at some of the winning SEO strategies of 2018 that every business owner should adapt to,

  • AMP Technology- First and foremost, your SEO strategy must be AMP-lified as the world has turned more mobile. Google favors websites which cater to customers on the mobile platform. A great way of doing this is by adopting the AMP technology. It is the AMP that will help to load the pages of your website in a jiffy thereby offering an excellent mobile customer experience.
  • Page Speed- The speed of the page matters. You need to ensure that the website loads quickly, and this applies to PC users too. Though the world has turned mobile, it does not indicate that a PC has become extinct. Even today people love using large monitors and laptops. For excellent results, it is best to run a website through the PageSpeed Insights tool for ensuring that the pages load quickly.
  • Mobile-first Index- Google has shifted towards the mobile-first index which is all set to roll out. Googlebot will crawl a website with the help of a mobile screen. So, the best step that you can adopt for making your site ready for a mobile-first index will be by adding to it a responsive design which will look perfect on all screen sizes.
  • HTTPS-This year it will be mandatory in having a site which uses HTTPS protocol else Google Chrome will mark them as not secure. So, it is high time, to begin with, HTTPS. Though you need to invest some money in this, the returns will be worth it.
  • RankBrain- This is a machine-learning algorithm introduced by Google which will help to process search queries. RankBrain along with checking the keyword placement all through the content including the title will also review the content to determine whether the same has a link with the search term. You have to produce optimized quality content for the keyword, and in return, this tool will notice as well as reward you with top placement within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • Editorial Links- This is a backlink which you get for providing excellent content and is highly valuable. You will notice that your site will get a better ranking when other authors begin linking to your content.
  • White Hat Links-While pursuing a backlink strategy ensure to go by the rules. You will come across countless online sites which sell backlinks but do not get tempted in following these shortcuts as these are Black Hat Techniques and will have to pay for the consequences. In fact, your site may even get penalized via Google. So, to stay on the safe side pursue on white hat links only.
  • Click-Through Rates– CTRs or click-through rates are all about advertising as per online marketers. Along with playing a crucial role in digital advertisements, it is equally essential in optimizing it for the links which appear in the search engine result pages. If the link on your web page appears at the top and no person clicks it, it means it is irrelevant and will get pushed down. You need to make the links pertinent to your keywords, add more emotion or build a curiosity gap. In fact, you need to give your customers a reason for clicking on your link to enjoy a good ranking.
  • Dwell Time-The dwell time is the total time customers spend on a website and which can affect the rank. If you do not want your rank to drop, then your article should match your meta description, and keyword and your article should also offer valuable and original information. If any of these rules break, the visitors will return to the SERP to look for a better alternative.
  • Bounce Rate- Bounce rate is the number of customers that visit a single page and leave without seeing the others. If your bounce rate is high, you should take prompt action. Here the best step will be in adding more links in the content or sidebar so that customers visit other pages on the website.
  • Voice Search- If your website is not voice search optimized yet, then this is the most opportune time to use it. Take a look at some of the ideas,
  1. Answer Queries- Often voice searches are indeed posed as questions. Compose a blog with a good question about your niche in the form of the title of the blog and answer the same in the content.
  2. Conversational Keywords- While typing a query people are generally more formal but when they converse they use the conversational tone. Always write contents in a language that is easy to understand by all.
  3. Scannable Content- When Google can parse your content easily as they categorize it into different parts, you have more chances of scoring links at the SERPs top. The content may also be as an answer to voice queries.
  4. Mobile-friendly Makeover- Enough of voice search takes place on the mobile handsets. Hence it is essential for you in getting your website mobile optimized for search results. It should load quickly on the mobile platform as well as offers easy navigation on tablets, smartphones, and phablets.

The list of 2018 SEO strategies does not end here. It also includes a featured snippet, schema, user intent, sensible site structure, sitemaps, RSS, translations, favicons, AMP stories, meta descriptions and video. So, make the most of it rank high on the SERPs.

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