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Reasons Why SMEs Are Switching to Mobile Apps Solutions

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Reasons Why SMEs Are Switching to Mobile Apps SolutionsThe power of mobile apps is something most businesses have now realized completely and small enterprises are no exception. For any business to be successful, it needs to reach out to the maximum number of users and offer the solutions in the most personalized manner. Mobile apps are undoubtedly the best means to interact with the users and bring the business as close as possible to them. Small and medium enterprises mostly rely on local users and for them digital marketing has now started making sense. The digital transformation and transition of SMEs have already started owing to the mobile app penetration all around the globe.

The fact that mobile phones have become a very close companion of people, cannot be contested. If you look at the surveys, we realize that mobile phone is the favorite tool for the users to dig out information about all kinds of products and services. Close to 85% of the user’s time on mobile phones is dedicated to the apps. Also, the chance of such users going for a particular service provider heavily depends on whether the provider offers an app. Obviously, accessing a service on an app is way more easier as compared to doing the same on a laptop, portability being the biggest hindrance.

Having a mobile app installed on the users’ mobile phone makes you aware of their preferences, their browsing habits etc. Such information can be utilized to offer your users a more personalized service. The users can also be informed about a deal/offer through push notifications. Timing these notifications gives you an edge over others. For instance, a user visited your website and added one of the product to the cart and forgot. Through an app, you can remind him or her about the depleting stock and urge him or her to buy the product as soon as possible. These are some of the practical advantages that SMEs can reap from mobile apps.

Current Scenario Of Mobile App Accessibility Of SMEs

According to a digital marketing survey by Clutch, it was revealed that 15% of the small and medium sized enterprises had mobile apps and at least 18% of them were planning to get one for their business. The importance of mobile app as a tool to target the audience on location base is well-known.

Push notification feature is being used by such businesses to update the users with availability of a particular product that they were looking for. Also, the apps can inform the users about the availability of any product/service based on their location. Adding value, visibility and efficiency to a business is what a mobile app does and SMEs are on the way to implement it.

Top Reasons Why SMEs Switch To Mobile Apps

Enhanced User Experience: An app is the best way to deliver an unmatched user experience due to obvious reasons. It resides inside the smartphone and just requires a tap to launch it. Also, the users get a faster, more reliable and efficient experience while availing a service.

 Better Visibility: Mobile phones have become ubiquitous and so have the apps. If the SME is not on mobile, it might lose on a huge user base that rely for most services on apps.

Brand Loyalty: A well-designed mobile app enhances the credibility of a business. A user will be loyal to a brand that offers their services through a great app. As the users can be offered personalized services, reward points and incentive through an app, it enhances the loyalty factor.

 Better User Engagement: A mobile app is quite fast and efficient as compared to a mobile site. Also, the users can be treated with customized offers and discounts through notifications. All this culminates into better user engagement.

 Improve Customer Service: The report by Clutch reveals that 76% of the small and medium enterprises opt for a mobile app to improve the support they are offering to their customers.

 Stay Competitive & Relevant: Every other business is getting on-board a mobile app across every major mobile platform. Therefore, in order to be competitive in the market, businesses are bound to be active on mobile apps.

 Enhanced Business Efficiency: Each and every advantage of a mobile app results in the increased business efficiency. The efficiency also gets a boost, as company can free up staff time by taking orders through an app.

Final Thoughts

 The popularity of mobile apps and mobility in general is going to be there in the long run. SMEs understand this trend and are bracing themselves for the challenge by striving to create active and value based app presence. Although the number of such companies equipped with apps are less as of now, the trends show that it will show a rapid surge.

Author’s Bio

The post has been authored by Ashni Sharma, an app developer employed with AppsChopper. Apart from writing highly optimized code for the apps, Ashni is also an avid writer who loves sharing her insights and knowledge on diverse aspects of mobile app development.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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