Online Technology and Mobile Games Trend

One of the fastest growing markets in recent years is the mobile applications. If before it was difficult to create a computer program, the rise of smartphones and tablets and a certain mass of the idea of ​​encoding has made every day dozens of new programs for mobile arise.

Nearly a third of smartphone users access social networks on their mobile. In one year, attendance on the mobile version of Facebook has doubled which places first in the world with over 100 million users. In its wake, new social networks have emerged as high. Their particularity is to integrate geo location features that allow users to know where their friends are and what are their favorite places. Those functions could be useful in many situations, if you avoid the excesses of uncontrolled dissemination of personal data.

Today people are not only connected with each other in social network they also made group and community and have fun with playing games.

Card games, or their various forms, have always been popular. It is difficult to find someone who does not play a card game – the appeal of these games is undeniable, whether it is simple like one or more complicated like baccarat or bridge. This is partly due to the fact that these playing cards can be a solitary or group activity, and in any group, it is always possible to find a card game that everyone can understand and that everyone can play, whatever the preferred levels of difficulty.

Are preferably chosen card games for picnics and parties because they do not require too much equipment or installation: you just need a simple card game that can be put in the pocket. A single person can indulge in card games (solitaire or patience), but groups of friends can do the same just to have a good time (or rummy battle) or for the sake of earning a little money.

There are several categories of card games still very popular today. Can distinguish particular games such as bridge lifting or asset picnic; discard as phase 10 and lousy; combination as Rummy and Go Fish, accumulation as the battle, and chance like poker. There are also several drinking games (in which the goal is to drink or to force the opponent to drink) and also collectible card games such as those involving Pokemon characters or baseball stars. In addition get this free casino games online that you will love.

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