Increase Your Magento Store Sales Using Email and Newsletter Extensions

A very important aspect of e-commerce is email marketing. Unfortunately, few people know how to carry out email marketing correctly, and in a manner that gives them better returns on investment. Email marketing involves newsletter sign ups, in addition to creating mailing lists and audience segmentation. With Magento Email Templates, which is such a powerful Magento module, you are assured of increased conversion and retention rates. Whether you want to cross-sell or up-sell, you can learn a lot from evaluating the Magento Newsletter Extension. No matter the online stores that you own, you can set up separate emails for each one separately.

One disadvantage with email marketing is that most times, the recipients do not open the message, to read what you want them to know. This way, many messages and marketing campaigns are lost in the process. However, with Magento Email Templates, you are assured of personalizing your email messages to an extent that the recipient opens them. With this tool, you make your emails more trustworthy and eye-catching, and in the process, your recipients will open and read them. Magento Newsletter Extension helps you to understand how to reduce the vulnerability of your emails to spam filters, thus boosting the chances of being opened and read.

A different challenge that leads to failure with most email marketing strategies is the lack of sign ups. You may write or create a powerful email, only for nobody to sign up to your newsletter. Magento Email Templates allows you to design the subscription form in a way that makes it more attractive to your customers. This tool allows you to design the subscription form using AJAX or in-block. The button form on the subscription form is equally eye-catching. The tool also has an auto-subscription option that makes it possible for new customers to be added to your mailing list, or join the list of those interested in obtaining information from your newsletter.

Email marketing is not as difficult as some e-commerce adherents may believe. It only requires you to have the ability and capacity to deliver high quality content with the best accuracy. To help you achieve this goal, Magento Email Templates gives you the best platform with which to achieve your desired goals. This powerful tool makes it possible for you to segment all your mailing lists and base them on subscriber groups, which you can then hide or display depending on what you want at any given moment. It is important to add that Magento Newsletter Extension also gives the owner of e-commerce website more control over the mailing list.


If you have struggled to maintain your ecommerce website properly, and feel incapable of making it run the way you want to, especially with regard to email marketing, you should not continue worrying yourself sick. Visit today and learn more on Magento Email Templates as well as Magento Newsletter Extension. You will be surprised to learn that with these two tools, your ecommerce will take off, and bring the desired results into your online business by improving how you send out emails for marketing purposes.

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