Redesigning Your Mobile Apps is phasing out slowly! Here’s how

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Do you still vouch for the viability of a current trend? If you do, you may have a lot to lose because any trend has the propensity to change overnight. In the present context of development, mobile apps seem to have become a major phenomenon. More specifically it has become too lucrative to resist.

Even though you have an app and it’s live on the app store that doesn’t mean you cannot or you shouldn’t redesign it. Now the question is why? Why should one think of redesigning their mobile app?

There is no denying the fact that the mobile app development industry is one of the fastest-growing business sectors across the globe. Day in day out trends keep on changing and rolling out at frequent intervals. So one simply cannot bank upon the handy features or promotional methods and exceptional app specification to generate more traffic and increase the conversion rate, but also focus equally on mobile app redesign.

Now if you have won the battle in the first half itself (offering unmatchable first impression), redesigning an app can get you a big lead in the second round.

Redesign Your App, Here’s why!

#1 Fierce Competition

Falling behind the competition is something you cannot afford at this very stage. As a business executive, irrespective of the industry you must keep your pulse on emerging trends to avoid short and long disappointments. Now check whether your competitor has redesigned or not? If yes, it’s high time you must do it to even survive in the prevailing competition.

#2 Launching a new product or service

It may quite interest you to know that mobile app redesigning is quite similar to the redevelopment of a website. As soon as the entrepreneur launches new products or services, they look for a new makeover. In a nutshell, even if you are re-branding your business, mobile app redesign becomes a crucial aspect.

#3 is the rating declined?

If you are sincere with your mobile apps, then I am pretty sure you would value a lot about ratings and reviews of the end-user. In case, if you find that the end-users are not liking it, maybe because of the same old patterned design; it’s time to move to the next level and consider innovative designs like never before.

The next question in line is how part?

Irrespective of the project, I would simply like to mention that here you don’t have to employ any unusual tactic but try to keep things simple. According to my, simplicity and sophistication are two words that must be given prime importance. This also means web designers need to apply their creativity and come up with an ‘Out of the Box Idea’, but it has to be simple. To get things right, one needs to consider several aspects such as:-

Identifying the actual redesign needs- First and foremost it becomes very crucial for one to spot the difference between what could be the possible reasons for app redesigning. There are chances of not all of them being applicable, but just a few ones. So, make sure before proceeding any further you find the crucial reasons why you want to redesign your entire mobile app.

User’s choice matters- After you cross the bridge of figuring the crucial reasons out. It’s time to understand what the user’s choice is. There are times when redesigning can create an opposite reaction instead of creating any kind of wonder. The existing user base does not want any kind of changes and is completely satisfied with the current app. On the other hand, it might be possible that a fresh design can attract new users and bring in whole new traffic to the app. So before you jump on to any further ideas, just make sure that you better understand the user’s choice and keep that at the crux of your app revamp the program.

Selecting intuitive features- Now when you are thinking of choosing features for your web designing, does this mean you need to add new features? Of course, I mean if there is something users would love having in your app then you should have it. But, this applies only if it is necessary. For example, if your app is meant to solve some kind of specific issue then adding features based on trend might end up creating a negative impact. Also, if your current app is feature-filled which is making your app complex, cluttered, and messy, it would be better to cut off some features during mobile app designing.

 Effective Color combinations- To make your brand and app succeed, it is very crucial to choose the right color combinations. Experts say specific colors evoke emotions in the user’s mind and can make them buy from you. Ensure to choose an optimal color scheme, where your brand’s logo your app screens, etc., every element should be in sync with the scheme of colors you choose. Plus, it should connect with your brand’s concept somehow.

Avoid Jargon– Whether it is a mobile app or a website, establishing a clear communication should be of prime importance. Use what you know about your target audience to determine whether certain words or phrases are appropriate.


Using heavy words or jargon might act as a major turn off for end users as they aren’t much familiar with it.


Depending on what procedure did you follow, designing an app or a website can be a victory or can lead your business towards great losses. Make sure you’re redesigning your app with confidence and also by following the defined app development standards.

Of course, it takes a lot of thinking and careful consideration when coming out with the best possible outcome. Therefore, follow your target of apps that need a redesign and start redesigning your app to set a success line for your business.

Joanna Baretto is a Business Analyst at, a web development Company in Australia, to know more about her company you can click here. She has been working for five years in a Technological domain. Her work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses the narratives of techno experience. She is unicorn enthusiastic.

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