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Protecting and Maintaining your Brand Reputation is Must: SEO Marketing Expert Practices you should Inevitably Avoid!

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The reputation that you have among your prospective client’s is a significant factor that you should preserve well to ensure that your business gains a consistent amount of profit over the years. There are different aspects of business, and in the present times, the influence of digital marketing is undeniable. If you are trying to establish a startup of your own in the contemporary times, then you would know the influence that the internet has in our lives and choices regarding the marketing campaign. There are different types of innovative ways in which you can conduct a publicity campaign but it is vital that you ensure the campaigns you are coming up with are appealing the clients and grasp their attention consistently and under no circumstances, do they feel that they are being forced or spammed by your campaigns. Here are some essential things you should keep in mind in order to avoid spamming and tainting your reputation as a business owner in any way.

White hat and black hat techniques

When it comes to digital marketing, there are different aspects of this field and terms which describe the various techniques being used. White hat techniques and black hat techniques are respective terms for categorizing the practices which are fair and ethical and those which are considered annoying and unethical. It is crucial that you have a proper understanding of the practices and know how to differentiate the ethical and unethical ones. Even if you are implementing any of the black hat or unethical techniques unknowingly, there is always a chance that your website would get blacklisted and it is challenging to revive your initial position once you are blacklisted, and it is as good as starting over from scratch.

Spamming and newsletters

Your newsletters on behalf of the website should be designed such that it does not have an overly promotional tone. Also, the frequency of your newsletter is an essential factor to be moderated. If you are sending more than one newsletter per day to your subscribers, over the time, they may start feeling spammed and mark your emails as spam and not even open them. This would lead to a bad reputation for the company and Google may blacklist your newsletter, in the long run, depending on how many people have marked you as spam. Ideally, it is best to come up with a newsletter on alternate days and give enough time to design each and every newsletter that is being sent. Do remember, if the newsletter looks attractive enough people are more likely to click and open it which is the major aim. The subject heading of the newsletter should be well thought out to ensure that you are able to create an impression even before your clients have opened the newsletter.

Unresponsive Social media pages

In order to ensure that your social media campaigns are done right, it is vital that you have proper social media profiles and pages on the respective platforms. If your social media page for the company is there, but it is not responsive enough and does not address the queries of the clients and is not updated frequently, this can create a bad impression about the customer service of your company. It is essential that you have a proper social page which is handled correctly and is always quick with the response to every inquiry, complaints, and comments that are being posted on the page. The social media campaign should be done by professionals to ensure that situation does not arise. One of the most highly recommended options would be hiring Google SEO expert who is noted for successful social media marketing in particular. While they have other services as well, they particularly specialize in handling the social media campaigns for their clients. There are several factors that you should be considering in order to make sure the social media campaigning is done such that all your social media handles are active enough and the customers and the prospective clients are rendered satisfied with the consistency of your response to all their query on your page.

Spam comments on clients’ social media

One of the most common mistakes that various companies do is spamming their clients with comments on their content where they directly promote their brand by adding their company link. While it is a subtle way to self-promote when you are commenting or liking the posts of the clients, there is a very subtle difference between successful and classy promotion and direct spamming. When you are leaving a comment on any of your clients’ profile, ensure the comment is relevant and sounds genuine enough. A flat link of your website in response to the picture of your client’s pet is considered intrusion and bad manners. Also, limit the number of comments you do in a day. Do not start commenting on every picture your client have uploaded in the last one week at a go expressing how much you like them. It would backfire and set a message that you are desperate to seek the attention of the prospective clients. A couple of likes and a comment on any significant and notable content on your clients’ social media is the key to subtle promotion.


There are different creative and innovative practices when it comes to promotion of any business. However, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of whether your method of campaign and promotion is ethical and does not appear annoying to the prospective clients. It can be concluded that when you take note of the factors mentioned in this article, you can enhance your marketing for the business to a large extent. Seeking professional help would also make sure that these factors are observed, and you are getting significant traffic on your business website in the minimum possible wait time since the marketing campaign was launched.

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