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Top Web Development Trends and Technologies in 2020

Top Web Development Trends and Technologies in 2020

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Every year, new trends and technologies are introduced in the market. Progressive web application, parallax web design, responsiveness are in trend. Now, the designers need to timely learn and update them with these technologies. These changing technologies are enough to discourage most of the startups and companies. Therefore, to survive in a competitive market, it is important to predict the changes and learn ways to adapt them. This is the reason you are here. To keep updated, I have covered the latest web development trends and technologies for 2020.Top Web Development Trends and Technologies in 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, several enterprises are integrating artificial intelligence in their digital transformation strategy. The healthcare apps such as Babylon by TELUS Health, was developed by integrating artificial intelligence with face to face recognition features and with the help of expert doctors. It is a free healthcare app that allows the users to track their health, check symptoms, Consult with doctors, and access your health checkup records. The brands like Starbucks that are using AI (artificial intelligence ) are realizing rewards in the form of profits, brand reputation, and visibility above the competitors. You can also integrate AI on your website to analyze the behaviour of the visitors. There are several pre-built tools such as Cognitive Services from Microsoft on the Azure Platform.

Motion UI

Motion UI is a modern tool for creating wonderful custom transitions and animations for your website and mobile app. Motion UI is an open-source Saas library. Transitions can be applied models, menus and overlays of your app. THE motion UI core function is to transit components in and out. Also, you can create series animation and you can take multiple elements and animate in a particular order. It is originally packaged with Foundation for Apps. The updated version of Motion UI has an animation queuing system and flexible CSS patterns that you can use with any JavaScript animation library.

With Motion UI, you can create beautiful prototypes. It has almost two dozen custom CSS transitions and animation classes to build the awesome prototype.

Programming Languages

There are hundreds of programming languages that are used in web development. There is no need to learn all of them. You can focus on a few essential leaders. The older coding languages such as C are upgraded in the new version i.e. Java and C#. They have new tooling and features that help you to learn the languages faster and increase the effectiveness of your website. The other language is Python which is now becoming a standard language for web development, Machine learning, AI and is widely documented because it has existed for a long time.


These days chatbot is one of the most popular trends in web development. Becoming. They are used for customer services and in automating processes, specifically in marketing and analytics. The chatbots, virtual assistants (like Amazon, Alexa) helped the small businesses as well as big enterprises by generating more traffic. The chatbots will communicate with the real person to engage and transform their interaction with their website. Therefore, integrating chatbots will make your website more appealing. Users want quick solutions to their problems and a delay might be annoying for the visitors. As a result, the visitor might neglect your site. You can integrate your website with the chatbot to quickly reply to the visitors’ issues. When it comes to user experience, the pressure on the developers is very high. But the chatbot will help the developer a lot. This chatbot helps them to know their user’s expectations although they can not provide them with everything they expect. This trend will continue to grow because they are making a huge difference in web development by providing solutions to the issues.

JavaScript Frameworks

According to Piyush Jain, Founder of Simpalm a mobile app development company, javascript is a widely-used programming language for web application development. It has caught the attention of several developers around the world. It is a reusable design platform that allows the developers to reuse and support the most popular programming languages. To develop a web app, developers have to write code for several pages. This framework has reduced their work burden of writing unnecessary code. They can now reuse the codes. To use this language, the developer has to be fluent in it. You need to know NPM (Node Package Manager) or Yarn. They make it easier for the developers to share, reuse code and update the code that you’re sharing. There are various types of frameworks available in the market. The developer has to choose the best out of them.

The list of JavaScript frameworks is:

The list of JavaScript frameworks is:

  • React.js
  • Angular.js
  • Vue.js
  • Ember.js
  • Backbone.js

These are the js frameworks that are available in the market. The js framework reduces the efforts of the developers and helps to develop an effective app in less time.

Voice Search Optimization

In the past few years, voice search queries have increased by up to 35 per cent. According to the statistics, 19% of people use Siri at least once per day, 55% of teens and 40% of adults use the voice search feature daily. Voice search is a trend that has changed the web development future. Now people use their voice instead of typing the queries. The voice search feature is not only about virtual multi-functional home assistants such as Siri, Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, but also making users comfortable with it. When Voice search optimization is strengthened with Artificial intelligence, then it makes it more beneficial for the users as well as website owners. This technology is multitasking, it not only saves the time of the users but also allows them to order more (online shopping and services).


As we know that the web is a dynamic space. There is a new intervention every passing day. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to web development. The potential for web development is limitless. A user-friendly website is a core of the business in this digital world. In this blog, I have covered the trends and technologies that have an impact on, not all but most of the cases. In the year 2020, It is required to shift focus from having a business goal-oriented website to a user-centred website, to stay fit and survive the market competition.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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