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5 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Site For Mobile

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Most merchants have created a site, which is suitable for viewing on laptops and tablets. However, very few must have optimized their site so that it is visible through a smart phone. As per Google figures, 61% of users of your website are unlikely to return to your site if they have trouble viewing it on their mobiles. 40% would go to visit the competitor’s website. People today, do competitive research before they buy any product or service. If your site is not smart phone friendly, you will be missing this traffic forever. This article looks at five ways to optimize one’s website.

  1. Speed Up Your Mobile Site

Nobody today has enough time. Therefore, if a prospective customer visits your website, he will expect that your site be accessible through his smart phone and that it should load in a jiffy. It is a well-known fact that the faster a website loads, the more will be its conversion rate and less its bounce rate. On the other hand, slow load times will send your customer to your competitor. In order to speed up your website for smart phone users, you can:

  • Reduce images
  • Optimize plugins and themes
  • Use a great web host

Thus, if you speed up your mobile site, you will ensure traction from your customer.

  1. Don’t Stop At Responsive

Joel Harvey has said, “Responsive web design, as we know today, is toxic to mobile conversion rates.” It is true that a responsive website design is important for a dynamic website. However, that is not the only thing required. You cannot just buy a responsive theme and use it on your mobile site. A responsive theme is not enough for your customers. It only moves around your content and makes it adaptable for small screens, however, here it is notable to be said that mobile users want to see different things than those using the website on their desktops.

  1. Consider A Mobile App

It is a well-known fact that mobile usage has crossed the desktop usage. Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% being spent on websites. Majority of optimization of a website covers making it amenable to be seen through smart phones. This will ensure a holistic experience for your customers. Apps are the tools that allow for faster and a more focused experience for your customers, on your site. Normally, a mobile app is developed to complement the website of the business. If you have enough money, get a custom app created for use with the desktop version of your website. This will ensure your customer has a great mobile experiences.

  1. Avoid Common SEO Mistakes

Google is helping website owners who are seeking to improve their mobile SEO. Fetch your site as Google to see if you have been embroiled in any further issues related to your website. Can google access your website? Please avoid commonly made SEO mistakes like using a font from a different style type. If you are using a popup plugin you need to make sure that it doesn’t block the total mobile screen. In this case, you can deactivate either popups from mobile or use walking as a tool to keep one’s weight in check.

  1. Track Your Progress

Every optimization for mobile comes with an accomplished way to monitor your web traffic. There is Google Analytics, which helps you ascertain whether your website is getting enough traffic to ensure that you will get conversions. The traffic needs to be monitored regularly to make the product offering ever changing. If a mobile user targets using apps for complementing his online use, then it is normally observed that customer traction improves on the site. This means, a website when navigated through an accompanying app will see better traffic and better conversion rates. This is because the customer can easily use the app and complement that with the laptop version of the website.

These are the five ways to optimize your wordpress site for mobiles. You can use all of them at the same time or select the ones, which interest you. However, when choosing which images to upload on the website, try to restrict yourself to simple photos and avoid using videos. Some youngsters, who wish to use your website to branch out to another city, will see a lot of merit in not only designing the website, but also deciding which content to include on it. It will not be wrong to say that as mobile usage grows, many more websites will have to create their own optimized content.


Thus, here are the five ways to optimize your wordpress site for mobiles. Suffice to say that this will ensure that you receive a buy request on your website. The merchants supplying goods and services to you will like you to be online so that they can speak to you continuously while you are engaging with your customer.

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Top Web Designing Agency, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design, etc.

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