5 Crucial Things to Consider Before Developing an App in 2020

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Since the advent of smartphones, mobile applications have taken on increased significance, with an average of 6000 apps being released everyday only on Google Play Store.

While that number would grow if you add the total apps released on other operating systems, the reality remains that not every app that gets uploaded eventually catches on with the intended user base.

Additionally, there are records of cases where Google removed apps that have amassed millions of apps, perhaps pointing to the fact that more is needed than just coming up with an app idea.

In this article, we will go over six crucial things that you need to consider before developing an app. The objective is to help you come up with a mobile application that will stand the test of time and offer real value to end-users.

Vital Things to Consider Before Developing an App

  1. Concept Proofing

It is one thing to have a brilliant app idea and another entirely different concept to confirm that the application will offer real utility to users down the line or reach mass adoption. With this in mind, concept proofing provides an excellent opportunity for you to try and determine how much an impact an app could have on end-users even before it goes live.

Providing answers to the following questions should help you pass through the concept proofing stage of app development:

  • Will this app provides a solution to an existing challenge?
  • What similar apps exist, and what features do they offer?
  • How can I go one better than existing applications to grab my share of the market?
  • How will I generate revenue from the app while users get full value for their money?

Once you’ve provided answers to these questions and the few that will pop up in your head as you go over them, then you should have a clearer vision of how your app will fair if it debuts in the market.

However, you can go a step further by surveying prospective users to find out whether they would be open to trying the solution that you’re offering them.

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  1. UI/UX Design

Have you ever wanted to do something on an app and couldn’t find the option or have to go through a lengthy process to get it done?

Well, that’s how much a user could suffer if you fail to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation on an app.

The ideal mobile application should have all core components prominently displayed, while unnecessary or not-so-important elements must be relegated to the background, or removed entirely.

Meanwhile, another core element of user interface design is ensuring that branding elements, especially log and colors are reflected in a way that the user is endeared to the brand as they get value from engaging with the application.

  1. Security

With online users characteristically lenient with their security, there is no doubt that the majority of work lies on you to prevent information that they share with your application from entering into the wrong hands.

The best mobile app developers abide by industry-rated security standards for mobile apps, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Writing secure code
  • Encrypting data exchanged via the app
  • Using only authorized APIs
  • Using high-level authentication for financial apps and requiring strong passwords
  • Testing severally before the final release

In the end, the level of security that your app offers to end-users will be one of the ways to win their trust, as you provide excellent service to them.

  1. Payment Gateway

If you’re developing an eCommerce app, a ride-sharing application, or any other service that would require users to pay before getting access, then it is vital to consider how you’ll collect payment securely and seamlessly.

Typically, the way to do this is by integrating a payment gateway with your mobile app, so that users can pay with their debit and credit cards or via popular services such as PayPal or Vogue Pay.

Another factor to consider here is which payment service is more accessible to users in the region where your app will serve.

For instance, PayStack and PayU are usually a preferred payment service for users in Africa, while individuals living in sanctioned nations such as Cuba and Venezuela may prefer paying in any of the popular cryptocurrencies.

Either way, providing a seamless payment process within your mobile application would go a long way to improve your revenue numbers as your app garners more users down the line.

  1. Cost of Development and Hiring the Right Company

At this point, we have to consider how much you’re willing to spend on developing your mobile application as well as the company that you’re going to work with on the project.

This is vital because the development team will make a lot of inputs and share valuable insights that will influence the final product that you’ll deliver to the market.

In the same regard, the number of features and capabilities that you want to include on your app would go a long way to determine how much money you’ll spend on the entire project.

Putting these things into perspective, we recommend that you find a mobile app development company that helps you find a balance between getting the features that your app needs within a reasonable price.

The best development firms are those that have amassed experience from building apps similar to what you have in mind, and are willing to take your contributions on board.

You can ask for a catalog of their most recently developed applications, and evaluate them before committing to a deal.

Final Words

 As we mentioned at the onset, one of the most trusted ways to spell the outcome of a mobile application is by doing a thorough groundwork before pushing through with the idea.

Putting the factors that we’ve mentioned in this article should give you the springboard that you need to come up with a mobile application that end-users would genuinely appreciate having on their devices.

You can also look for some sample applications to know a good reference. Car rental app development tells you briefly on how to build a perfect P2P application and gives a simultaneous example of an application.

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