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Online Booking App- Why It’s Becoming All-Imperative For Car Rental Companies?

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The foremost reason behind technology advancement and technology adoption is making things simple. It’s no exception with the travel and tourism industry where car rental services are increasingly in demand. The car rental companies cannot seize an extra edge in the fierce competition by just providing the luxury cars with a range of accessories and offering discounted rental fares.

The car rental companies should aim to ‘Make The Rentals Simple’ in order to widen the customer’s reach, increase the profit margin, and battle with other hundreds of issues. Again, mobile technology becomes the greatest rescuer.

It’s obvious when the customers are booking the trip, hotel, spa, and restaurants on mobile, then why not enable them to book the cars on rent. Forward thinkers have already complimented the car rental booking software with a car rental booking application for making their services available at the place where the target customers spend most of the time. Yes, it’s, nonetheless, but a mobile device.

Let’s see how you can be benefited with car rental booking app integration:

  • Increase the customer outreach

Going traditional way, the services that car rental company provide remain known in the area where they are located in, but with mobile app development, the car rental company’s services will be recognized by the world. The next time the user will book the trip online, they will also prefer booking the car on rent by mobile.

Besides, with the increasing use of mobile apps, the rental company can get the desired attention of mobile users that further help in catching more eyeballs without spending bundles on marketing and advertising.

  • Convenient booking process

Most of the bookings are made after office hours, which makes it essential for the car rental company to stay open 24/7 to receive the bookings. The mobile app allows the customers to make the bookings anytime, anywhere in a couple of taps, which makes it an excellent alternative to conventional booking where the headache of standing and waiting in a long queue to book the car on rent is involved. Meet the customer’s needs to earn the accolades and significant profits.

  • Hassle-free payment

In the digital world, the customers no more prefer to carry the cash in their pocket, and you should support them by integrating secured payment system where the customers can pay using the debit or credit cards. With the system in place, the manual workload gets reduced by half, the customers will get numerous options to complete the transaction and can pay securely, which gives a peace of mind to both parties.

Furthermore, the incidences of surprising fares at the end of the journey can be avoided by showcasing every type of charge- toll fee, rental charges, tax, waiting charges, and other types of charges involved in the estimated rental rate. The automated calculation brings the highest level of transparency and eliminates the car rental fare related conflicts.

  • Seamless fleet management

The fleet management demands are rising with the increasing number of cars and car rentals booking. With the fleet management module in a car rental booking app, the owner will have complete control over the fleets 24/7.

The module automatically avoids overbooking and ensure the car booking will be done only when the car is available that helps in managing the future car arrivals. With GPS tracking, the car’s location, the route they are taking and the speed can be tracked to ensure the vehicle is safe.

Going further, the vehicle’s repair and maintenance can also be managed with the app as the intelligent system attached to the vehicle immediately report the physical damage or improper functioning of the vehicle that helps with proactive maintenance and repairing and save the company from spending huge bucks on major faults.

  • Organize the data

When the data related to the number of fleets, their repair and maintenance, customer’s booking, invoices and billing, and documentation are stored in the paper files, it becomes difficult to handle and access the data. By mobilizing the rental service, all the data related to different activities are stored in a structured system that makes it easy to access and share the data. Also, the data repository becomes a valuable resource to find out the meaningful insights to improve the services.

  • Brilliant customer support

The customer assistance plays a vital role in the success of every business. Through mobile apps, the customer support will be just at a tap away from the customers and the prompt response delight them. Help the customers in every critical situation with instant support that makes them feel you are with them at every step of the way.

  • Upselling is a key

With a mobile app, the rental company can build a global presence and by providing relevant ‘EXTRA’ to the customers, they can sell more to the mobile reservations. For instance, the company can offer the GPS tracking system, embed a music system, or add any other accessory to the car at an additional fare that can make the customer’s trip fun-filled.

This approach brings the services in the spotlight and increases the average earning size from the individual bookings, which at the end, increase the company’s bottom line.

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading Taxi dispatch software . He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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