5 Step Guide to Getting 1+ Million Installs for Your Mobile App

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Developing a mobile application that is intuitive, attractive, and valuable requires a lot of your time, and of course money. Brainstorming your app idea, creating its app development strategy, making its wireframes, and then finally developing it. Businesses and app developers work together to ensure that the end result is a high-quality mobile app. However, do you assume that making an exceptional mobile app is all you need to get your desired audience and app installs?

With millions of mobile apps on the app stores, that’s quite a difficult assumption. Just have a look at the growth of mobile apps in the market:

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You need to follow certain marketing and promotional techniques to get the desired audience. Once you have developed and launched your mobile app, your primary focus is on getting more ‘app installs’. Our ambitious app developers and businesses, are continuously on the lookout for tactics to get quicker results. So if you’ve been on the lookout for tips and tricks that will enable you to get a million and more app downloads, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to find out how you can get 1+ million mobile app downloads.


5 Steps for Getting 1+ Million App Installs


Flawless App Performance:

Let’s face it. If people aren’t happy with your mobile app, there is a very low chance that they’d recommend it to their family and friends. In fact, 31% of your app users will convey how awful your app experience was. So for the people that have already installed your mobile app, you want to make sure that you are providing them with a good user experience. Good user experience is directly proportional to your app’s performance.

I have a love for trying out and experimenting with new and popular mobile apps, and I’ve come across performance issues on all types of apps. You might have missed out on a certain glitch or might have overlooked an error in your app’s functionality, but once you figure it out, it’s up to you to rectify those glitches.

Keep testing and monitoring your mobile app. Certain glitches can pop up where you might least expect them to. I’ve analyzed that expert mobile app development company in Dallas always follow the below-mentioned tips:

1) Real-world testing

2) Optimizing and compressing Images and videos

3) Focusing on the backend as well as ‘frontend’

4) Cut down on unnecessary features


Understanding Your Platform:

Deciding on your app’s platform is a very crucial part of the app development process. It’s essential that you have sound knowledge about the platform that you are developing for. Most experts might suggest that you go for cross-platform app development. However, according to my experience, I would suggest you develop for one platform and then move on to the next. Native apps have better performance, quality, and they deliver a better user experience as compared to hybrid mobile apps.




Once you go for native app development, make sure that you thoroughly understand your platform. For example, getting links and social media signals can be effective for the google play store, but it’s a waste of time for the apple app store. So evidently, you will have to align your development and marketing strategies according to the platform that you develop for. This approach will allow you to properly target the audience that your desire, and ultimately this will lead to more app installs.


Ratings and Reviews Are Imperative:

I personally have a habit of checking the reviews ratings of anything that I purchase online. This habit has also extended to mobile apps, if I see that an app has negative reviews and ratings, I feel that installing it will be a waste of my time. Statistics reveal that the majority of app visitors check out the reviews and ratings before installing your mobile app.




When your app performs well, users will be more inclined towards leaving you positive feedback. But the problem is that people don’t normally go out of their way to leave reviews or ratings. It’s up to you to encourage your users to leave a review. One way to do this is by sending them a notification, asking them to leave their feedback. Furthermore, you can even offer them incentives for leaving positive reviews. Not only will you start getting more installs, you will also be creating positive relationships with your present users.

Don’t try to force your users to rate your app though, you would be risking your brand’s reputation (this type of mistake can go viral within minutes):



Media Buzz is a Key Element:

No matter how good your app is if people don’t know about it, how will the app get any installs? Even if you think you’ve developed a mobile app development company that is out of this world, without promoting it, you won’t be getting any conversions. It’s essential that you create media buzz for your mobile app even before you have started developing it. Take the example of Apple’s ‘pre-launch’ marketing strategy. Apple starts build hype around its products long before they have been launched, so when they do launch their product, people come running to hit the ‘buy’ button.

Here is how you can promote your mobile app:

1) Reach out to bloggers and influencers that have a huge media reach

2) Social Media Integration

3) Promoting your app by attending talks and contributing to community forums


App Store Optimization:

Just like search engine optimization is important for getting your website ranking on Google, app store optimization (ASO) is important for getting your mobile app ranking on the various app stores. Your app store optimization strategy can mark the difference between you getting your desired app installs and failing to get any visibility at all. A strong app store optimization constitutes of the following steps:

1) Creating an easy to remember and search engine friendly app name

2) Conducting keyword research and finding the most relevant keywords

3) Writing an app store optimized app description

4) Getting high ratings and positive app reviews

5) Resolving customer complaints and answering to negative feedback

By following the above steps you will be opting for an intelligent ASO strategy that will help boost your app installs.


Concluding Note:

The internet is full of quick tips and tricks for reaching the 1+ million app install mark, however, only experienced app developers and marketers can provide you with authentic information. The 5 step guide that I’ve compiled above can aid you in reaching the 1-million mark. It’s a daunting target, but with the right tips and strategies up your sleeves, it’s not an unrealistic target to achieve. If you’d like to add something or if you’d like to get in touch, feel free to leave a comment below and dashavatara .


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