Magento & Cloud Hosting – A Relationship That’s Meant To Be

Magento is one of the leading ecommerce solutions in the industry, offering flexibility and scalability that helps grow online businesses. With more than 235,000 ecommerce stores use Magento, it has an infrastructure that is fully optimized to fulfill store requirements.

According to a research by Datanyze, Magento and WooCommerce have the biggest market share in the industry of ecommerce platforms. As per the official Magento website, there are more than 250,000 ecommerce merchants are using Magento for their ecommerce platform. These statistics validate the popularity of the platform in the ecommerce industry.

However, what happens when Magento powered stores start acting up or don’t really perform up to the mark?

Obviously, there’s a problem that runs deeper than just the choice of your platform.

While the performance ability of Magento can be warranted by its popularity and wide use, it is time to look into the hosting side of things.

The Usual Suspect For Issues In Magento

It is important to understand that the story doesn’t end after you’ve created a store that is powered by a world-class platform.

Facing issues like slowing loading times and various errors on your website are common problems. The user experience gets worse when they go to the checkout and fail to perform an action when paying with different payment methods.

Although you have created a store on the world’s best ecommerce platform but you still face some critical issues. This has nothing to do with Magento. The main culprit is your type of hosting or your hosting provider that fails to fulfill the requirements of Magento.

Magento & Cloud Hosting Go Hand In Hand

A cloud hosting provider can either improve your website performance or hurt your site ranking that eventually results in a loss of business. In either case, there is no doubt that Magento tends to makes a perfect combination with cloud hosting for Magento.

Cloud hosting offers customers a variety of features that other hosting types simply cannot. It’s not just the powerful traits and the choice of flexibility, a reliable cloud hosting allows you to customize your support needs.

On the other hand, if you’re using generic servers, you risk compromising on the performance of your online store. This means that you might suffer from slow loading pages, increased shopping carts abandonment and decreasing business.

Cloud hosting and a one that’s managed, however, makes life simple by giving you what your Magento store really needs. It complements the robust features of Magento and meets the requirements of your business by allowing you to build a scalable, secure and fast performing ecommerce store.

Cloud Hosting Facilitates Streamlined Operations Of Magento Stores

Security is one of the most crucial aspects of running an online store. While Magento is one of the most commonly used platform, it is inevitable that it gets a lot of attention from hackers and other cyber criminals.

Cloud servers are safe from the woes of hardware servers and the frequent problems encountered. Dedicated firewall configurations and regular OS patching also make sure that the server is free from any malicious activity.

If your store is powered by Magento, you’re definitely in it for the performance. The robust nature of the platform is what makes it unique. And to unleash its full potential, Cloud hosting makes the most sense. Shared hosting disappoint when it comes to higher uptime due to obvious factors related to the sharing of server resources. Similarly, spikes in traffic can have a severe effect on the performance of your site.

Resource Allocation
Many people choose shared hosting because of its cost competitiveness but they realize the importance of cloud hosting when there’s a need to add more products to the store or when there’s a surge in traffic.

With cloud hosting you have the option to enhance the abilities of your server on the fly. Various integrations including the installation of SSL certificates that boost the security can be done easily in just a few clicks. Similarly, there are a lot of features pertaining to the addition of hardware and software resources that can be made use of if you’re using managed cloud hosting for your Magento powered ecommerce store.

Now that we’ve taken a holistic view of different features where cloud hosting clearly facilitates the smooth running of a Magento store, it is important to dissect the pricing factor to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Cloud hosting gives you a private space and with the right configuration that best suits your business needs, you can have a cost-effective plan. With managed cloud hosting you can the options to scale your server plan only when you need and only pay for what you use.

Reasons To Choose Managed Cloud Hosting For Magento

Now that you have all the important reasons that facilitate Magento and its overall performance, let’s take a look at the detailed reasons that favor cloud hosting. Some of the convincing features of a managed cloud hosting make it easy to define the relationship between Magento on cloud hosting.

The ability to scale on an optimized server is something that can be facilitated by the convenience and simplicity of a managed cloud hosting. Optimized dev stack provides the basis for a smooth and streamlined server. The ability to scale your server seamlessly and get the most out of your Magento is only possible when you have a properly configured stack which a good managed hosting service should provide.

Some of the basic yet powerful components include:

  • Supporting the latest version of Magento
  • PHP 7 ready servers
  • MySQL and MariaDB as databases
  • Apache and Nginx as web servers
  • Advanced cache technologies such as Redis, Memcached, Full Page cache or Varnish.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • SSD Based Hosting
  • Pre-configured PHP-FPM

The combination of these guarantee matchless performance and hence a fast and robust website that never disappoints. In simple words, these components together complement the powers of Magento to give you the best possible performance.
At the same time, a resource intensive cloud hosting means it is easy to get your upgrades and updates done. Without compromising on speed (with the integrations of latest caches and CDN) you can easily scale as your business grows.

The Ultimate Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The secret behind a successful Magento store that gets the most out of the platform is cloud hosting. The overall performance with the use of an optimized stack is matchless. This is very important because take a scenario with the likes of holiday season when there’s a peak in traffic. This is when you really need a hosting that can be scaled without compromising on performance. Crunch times can be a nightmare for store owners who are not prepared in advance.

Additionally, when you have a managed cloud hosting, things just get better. You’re free from the regular server hassles and have the ultimate peace of mind. You have the freedom to choose any IaaS provider, PHP version etc. and you have the 24×7 support to resolve any server level issue. All in all, management and monitoring becomes easy while you can rely on the support of your managed cloud hosting provider.



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