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6 Benefits Of A Chatbot To Increase Sales

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6 Benefits Of A Chatbot To Increase SalesDo you want to increase the conversions of your online store? Are you taking advantage of conversations powered by artificial intelligence bots? In recent years the use of chatbots to increase sales has become popular, being used so that customers can track and buy products online quickly and easily. If you have questions about how to increase sales with a chatbot, read on.

Why should you have a chatbot to increase sales?

Using artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience, attention, service, and increase sales is a reality. We tell you how a chatbot can help.

1. Provides personalized attention through programmed language

The chatbot powered by artificial intelligence and natural language analysis can offer your customers a highly personalized contact and purchase experience. Although many tend to believe that conversational robots do not adhere to a customer-centric marketing strategy, the truth is that they allow offering a good and fast service through simplified interactions.

One of the most effective uses is to answer frequently asked questions from users regarding services and products, as well as how to use the website or make purchases. The chatbot makes the type of solutions they can get with your brand more visible to prospects and more accessible information to resolve doubts.

Using this tool to answer frequently asked questions can save your business the cost of consultants or a dedicated team to answer questions by mail or phone. Which would translate into more time to meet customer needs.

A chatbot is more effective than a flat and conventional FAQ section, customers and users can get personalized and fast attention through a live chat. Additionally, consultants and support staff can engage in more productive activities.

2. Faster ordering

A chatbot to increase revenue is very feasible since these can be installed to work not only on websites, applications but also on social networks such as Facebook. This means that the customer does not have to be addressed and thus reduces the transitions that reduce their purchase intention. It is even possible that you can integrate your own chatbot into third-party portals or apps to reach a wider market.

By programming the chatbot for purchases on the site, you save the customer time to buy what they want in just a few clicks. Additionally, bots are designed to provide an effective experience through mobile interfaces.

Therefore, they can be invaluable in converting huge numbers of users who use their phones for most of their purchases. Available every day and at any time, the chatbot will work in the same way as an online store, allowing orders at any time.

3. Increase and improve product sales

Chatbots to increase sales not only allow the purchase of products but can induce personalized experiences. Its use generates recommendations and makes it easier for the customer to find exactly what they want in a matter of seconds.

If your business model uses advisors to attract clients and sales teams to finalize operations, a chatbot shortens sales cycles by securing calls or contact information for advisers to close deals.

Similarly, with a clear marketing strategy, the chatbot can take the customer through the entire conversion funnel. It assists you from the earliest stages of the process, provides you with information about the products. Finally, it offers you data such as offers, suggestions for similar products to compare prices and payment methods.

By delegating part of the sales tasks to the chatbot, other complimentary benefits are achieved:

  • Dedicate your staff to activities that also generate profitability such as loyalty programs.
  • Perform after-sales service and follow-up to clients.
  • Provide support for the implementation of a service or product.
  • Make effective communications to get more order renewals.

4. Provide customers with tracking of their orders

Customers constantly ask how much and how their purchase will arrive and with the chatbot it is possible to follow up in a very simple way. Artificial intelligence is very effective in communicating delivery times, shipping costs, and where the order is. Likewise, before making the purchase the customer can decide aspects such as the type of packaging and how he would like to schedule the delivery.

Chatbots can give logistics updates and thus keep the customer informed from their smartphones. Likewise, all the data regarding the shipment of products can be incorporated into the bot’s response options, so that the client is fully informed about the logistics policies of your business.

5. Decrease cart abandonment

Among the actions to increase sales with a chatbot is to reduce shopping cart abandonment. And it is that its use significantly increases the conversion rate of a store. The chatbot can assist in many of the critical points that generate friction when buying. For example, lack of shipping information or price or product confusion.

In addition, by scheduling the chatbot to send reminders or notifications to the customer of an incomplete purchase, you increase the conversion by up to 20%, which translates into a significant increase in profits. The great advantage is that notifications can be received directly on the mobile through Facebook Messenger and not fall into the spam tray.

6. Chatbots increase engagement

A bot can be configured to respond in a very particular tone and style, following the pattern of your brand’s personality and conveying closeness and friendliness. Assigning it a personality increases engagement and strengthens consistency in communications across all channels and media that your company uses to reach customers.

Using it with the right style and personality increases brand identification. And it favors branding efforts and engagement with buyers, thanks to a balance between information, assistance, and entertainment.

Do you want to implement a chatbot to increase sales? Surely yes. Now you just have to have well-defined marketing and sales strategy that you will promote with this new conversion tool.

Author Bio

Vikram Rana is Marketing Manager at LiftnGift and has served as the Head of Conversion Marketing at Planet Web Solution. He’s an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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