Latest Mobile Apps in 2014

With development of Smartphone devices access some of the most amazing features to encourage lifestyle. Regularly applications are developed. Here are the some of the latest Mobile Applications. SO pick them and install in your device.


Finally after a long time BBC came with a great weather app with great functionality which is now available for android devices for free. It gives latest weather forecast with a very simple and clear design. You can search and add locations and that will be automatically added to you favorites. This app delivers hourly weather forecast and as well as can forecast for next 48 hours. Also by just tapping you can get hourly based details about humidity, pressure, temperature etc. You can view all you locations by swiping vertically. It supports both portrait and landscape mode. And also you can share them with your friends and social sites.

2)      Off Mode Mobile App

This app blocks your calls and notifications of calls and messages while busy. Enable this software when you are busy. There are options for driving, busy at work or home, watching movies and at school. Choose from these options according to what you are doing. After activation your calls and messages automatically and no notifications appear on device screen. When you are over turn off this app and you will get notified of calls and texts during the time if activation. For safe drive this is best because it blocks all ongoing activity. Best part is automated response i.e. a person trying to reach you at that time and caller can know that you are busy. It includes Facebook login to access the certified mode. So use this app for safety driving and peaceful meetings.

3)      Device Manager

This App that tracks your android device, all the devices having Google account are tracked with the app. This device is most useful when you lost your device or kept it somewhere or can’t remember. When you lose the device the only thing comes to your mind are the data, contacts, credit card information or much other stuffs, which is stored in that device. With this app you can locate your phone and if you think your device is stolen you can lock it or can erase all the private data.

4)      PIXLR Express

It is one of the best photo editing app. The pictures you take from your phone are not always perfect. You have redeyes, unsuitable background and many other factors that matters in your picture. With this app you can quickly fix any picture, crop it, redeye correction. You can also brightness, contrast, hue and many more. There is an auto-fix option with which you can get instant enhancement to your picture. Also you can choose from many variety of effects, filters etc. You can add cool graphics and visual effects onto your picture. You can download other effects, over layers, graphics etc. And finally you can save it with different resolutions and also can share them. So, this is a great photo editing app.

5)      Timehop

It is such a great app you will love by using it. It is small social app by which you can see what you were up to on your social networks in last 1 year. It pulls notifications, tweets, messages etc. from many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram etc. Suppose you have pending tweets you haven’t go through. So, you can go back and view them. Isn’t it a great app which keeps you alive in past too?


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