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Best Sites to compress video Files Online

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video Files OnlineIf you want to compress your videos quickly, there’s no need to invest money in video editing tools. Depending on your operating system, you may execute this task for free online. You can also highly compress the files as per requirements. Let’s have a glimpse at the finest online video compressing sites.

1. Media.io Online Uniconvertor:

Media.io Online Uniconvertor is a free online video compression that allows you to compress video and audio. Additionally, it supports over 1,000 music and video file types, enabling you to compress films shot on many devices using Online Uniconvertor. Compressing videos bigger than 100MB is not an option. Compressing a video using Online Uniconvertor is a three-step procedure that involves just uploading a movie from your local hard drive. After that, you need to choose the video’s resolution, file format, and compression percentage. As a result, the online Uniconvertor has benefits and drawbacks.


– Upload and download speeds are quick.
– There is no watermark.
– Over 1,000 music and video files are supported.


– A large file limit is 100 MB.
– This online video compressor’s free version has restricted features.
– It is not possible to import videos from Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. Clipchamp:

This web-based video processing program enables users to utilize templates to improve their films for multiple uses. Clipchamp transforms, saves, and compresses video files to make editing easier. All videos saved in MP4, MOV, or AVI file formats can compress using this video compressor without compromising quality. To control the size of a video in Clipchamp, go to Customize Settings list and select a high, medium, or low video quality option. In addition, you can change the video quality and format. You could easily publish and post the video to YouTube, Facebook, and Google Drive after compressing, or you can download it to your PC. As a result, the Clipchamp has benefits and drawbacks.


– Batch converting options are excellent.
– A huge variety of template possibilities are available.
– Outstanding file-sharing skills.
– Posting videos is a snap.


– Watermark videos with Clipchamp’s free version.
– Factors that reduce video compression to a minimum.
– A limited number of video file formats are available for output.

3. Online Converter Video Compressor:

You shouldn’t search far beyond Online Converter if you’re seeking a video compressor that’s both trustworthy and simple to use. Videos in MP4, MOV, WMV, and other file types may be uploaded from a URL or directly from your computer. You must determine the ultimate size of the video you’re compressing, so you can choose audio quality settings using Online Converter. Remember that compressing a file far too much might cause the compression to fail, so don’t compress movies far more than necessary. As a result, the Online Converter Video Compressor has benefits and drawbacks.


– Allows a large number of different video file formats.
– Uploading is a breeze.
– Allows users to adjust the video size they want.


– Users are unable to select the output video’s file format.
– Encryption video files aren’t supported.
– The lengthy video compression procedure
– The maximum file size is 200MB.

4. PS2PDF Online MP4 Video Compressor:

This video compressor allows you to compress a video clip in three simple stages. You may compress movies by percentage, fixed quality, adjustable bitrate, or constant bitrate while using PS2PDF. You can choose an output codec after uploading a file from your PC or using Dropbox or Google Drive for quicker upload times. This online video compressor could only produce MP4 video files as output.


– Google Drive and Dropbox have excellent upload rates.
– There are no limitations on the size of video files.
– Provides a variety of compressing options.
– Allows changing the video’s dimensions.


– Only supports MP4 as an output file format.
– There are no options for exchanging files.

5. Any Video Convertor:

Any Video Converter is a video compression program that works with video formats. Any output device, like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Samsung, can use this application to decrease the size of videos.

Features of Any Video Converter:

– Users can download videos and music in one go.
– More than 200 video formats are available by the program.
– You can make the video smaller more quickly.
– The utility can keep the movie in its original quality.
– Mac and Windows have supported platforms.

6. VideoProc:

VideoProc is a simple and easy utility for compressing any video. It may keep the original clip’s quality during compression.

Features of VideoProc:

– The compressed video is available in MP4 and MP3 formats.
– The live video broadcasts can be recorded and compressed.
– It works on over 1000 video sites.
– VideoProc makes it easy to manage track of the videos you’ve compressed.
– Windows and Mac are the devices that are supported.

7. Final Cut Pro X Compressor:

Final Cut Pro is a professional editing program noted for its precise and fluid editing skills. The most recent in this series is Final Cut Pro X, which was developed specifically for Intel-based Mac systems to work efficiently. It can handle lots of things, including 4K editing, voice reduction, color grading, and compression, to name a few. Its compression capability lets you export your edited videos in the format of your choice. 360-degree videos, HDR, and HEVC, are characteristics of these formats. Final Cut Pro X is aimed at professionals, while customers expecting basic compression will be disappointed. It’s suitable for more advanced editing operations and is a vital tool to have on hand.

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