Inside Look of Professional App Development Firms – a Workflow of Their Production

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The information technology has become the future of our world, and it is climbing the complexities so rapidly that has made us make a focus on their daily and upcoming updates. Now the smartphone applications are known as the worlds’ most popular and preferable type of entertainment for you, your mates, relatives and everyone you knows – even for the pets. There are numerous methods that app development firms acquire, but the most effective flow is always counted on fingertips, as the top app development Company in the USA do. Applications help us to reduce the efforts and save time, you can take it simple, and people use to download books via the Internet instead of going to the library. People use to set reminders in reminding apps, not by making the notes. Maybe you think that it’s just a common device to make calls and messages, but no, it is the world’s most powerful tool which had simplified your life in numerous ways.

WAIT!! Do you want to develop your app? Do you have the bunch of ideas that will help you to become famous? If yes, then let me tell you about the workflow of app development.

Below, I’m clarifying the process of mobile app development.


  1. Initiating (introduction to development)

At Appedology, the customers use to send emails to our Sales team or manager. In that mail, the client usually tells us about their requirements and entire parameters they want in a project – ask few questions related with the rate, competence and so on – also, ask to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), if they want. After get agreed to the terms and conditions for signing out the NDA form, both sides (customer and development firm) gets to go with an app development process.


  1. Plan and Estimate

Every client wants the high-quality application with a low-budget and marvelous marketing idea. And that’s what we are ready for – we help to make their desires come true. We offer them the following vital points from the customer’s side.

Note: Customers do not require availing all of them, but at least few of the points that are given below.

  1. Phases of designing the User Interface (UI)
  2. a) Craft – in a comfortable and rapid scheme of how it or those functionalities will be looks like. It gets made by the piece of paper and pencil through the assist of our designers.
  3. b) Wireframe – a design that develops interface through the help of general and fundamental elements.
  4. c) Flow Page – it shows the display of entire algorithms and reciprocities methodology of the advanced design.
  5. d) The prototype of Wireframe – it is the simulation of ended reciprocities that occurs between the user and interfaces. No, it’s not an exact design that a firm can implement in the future, but it uses to show the primary structural usage and core features that are followed by the designers.
  6. e) Mockups – an exact graphical design that will be used in the future for developing an application.
  7. f) A prototype of Mockup – the simulation of a real app – where entire colors, fonts, functionalities, shapes and other minor issues will be added.
  8. Identification

Identification is a well maintained and detailed description of the project to create the process of app development as smooth as velvet. Apparently when you offer a compelling job description, the statement of the work can happen in the same way, there will not be any misunderstanding or misguidance between the customer and a project manager, all the functionalities will be offered in the proper form, and most necessary the output will eliminate entire significant bugs and errors.

Now, let’s move on a new level where I can tell you about the payment basis that you will choose,

  • Fixed Rate
  • Hourly Rate

a) Fixed Rate

A word “fixed” is known as the key one. It drives the meaning that development firm cannot step back from the design which they received from the client, and they will not add anything that is not available in the agreement. In case, few features were miss inside the job description; a development firm will need extra time for the further implementation as it pays a negative impact on some other features. Additionally, the development firm will ask to create a new request for adding more features – also fix the milestone (deadline).

b) Hourly Rate

Significantly, the hourly rate is swifter. It will divide the development process into multiple weeks (based on the requirements), and after each week (Monday to Friday) the team of developers can generate well-featured and designed functionality – one every evening of the Friday they will send a build. On each Monday morning, the development team will update a timesheet with tasks that they will spend time on those errors. The process of payment will happen within two business days after receiving a timesheet.


  1. Execution

During the process of mobile application development, a team of developers will ask you to test the apps into Android and iOS devices (after checking from their side) to review and to track down the progress of ability. Getting the knowledge about versions is swift and straightforward: if the client has an Android and iOS device, a development firm will require the user’s unique device identifier (UDID) for generating aversion. As the project can get live on the developer’s internal corporate system, a user will get an access link through email. As the user will click or tap on the link, an application will get installed into the user’s device.

Most development firms allow customers by providing the access of their servers for checking or download the uploaded or internal live version of their project whenever they want (on few stages).

The workflow of app development gets, complete with the help of an internal corporate system. Therefore, an organizational system is quite comfortable to operate and convenient for clients, managers, and developers. It offers a ticketing button system through which a client requires to assign any task or need to implement or discuss anything – he will click on the button of “make ticket” so it will be posted automatically. A manager will get notified through that alert within just the term of few seconds.

Multiple priorities of tickets:

  • Immediate
  • High
  • Normal
  • Low


  1. Launch

Launching an application into the running market is a necessary and joyous moment for the client as well as the development firm. They both worked together for reaching the same target and generated high-quality and user-engaging pp.

For publishing an application on App Store or Google Play Store, the development firm requires to transfer the source code on the production server.


Bottom Line

Above I have shown you what workflow the professional app development firm use to grasp for developing an application.


Author Bio

Marilyn Delvin has developed that article. She had achieved numbers of victories by delivering user-engaging contents for half of a decade. Nowadays, she is working in the IT development Company.

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