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The swift rise in WhatsApp’s popularity graph is indeed an impressive one to behold, with smartphone users finding it hard to resist its simplistic yet great features. The multi-platform instant messaging app has particularly captivated the interest of kids, who extensively rely on it to stay in touch with their friends round the clock. Unfortunately, the service is often abused by them as they use it to exchange inappropriate messages, or even interact with people they shouldn’t be talking to, like strangers for instance. It is essential for concerned parents to realize these risks and take necessary measures to keep their young ones safe. One of the best options available to parents in this regard is to use a WhatsApp spy app. By installing application on their child’s mobile device, they can easily ensure that the messaging service is not being used irresponsibly or inappropriately. With the help of a spy app for WhatsApp, they can:

  • View incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages
  • Know who is sending messages to their kids
  • Get logs of conversations regularly
  • Remotely access the logged information

How WhatsApp spy apps work

The way in which a WhatsApp spy app operates is not too different from how any other monitoring app works. The app must first be downloaded and installed onto the particular mobile device. Once activated, it starts to log WhatsApp conversations and transmit them to an online dashboard, which may be accessed from anywhere and at any time through a device that has internet connectivity. Of course, the online dashboard can only be accessed by an authorized user knowing the right login credentials. This authentication system effectively prevents snoops from gaining unsolicited access to the logged information.

Benefits of WhatsApp spy apps

Although spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages is generally considered a blatant breach of privacy and frowned upon, a concerned parent doing it with the intention of protecting their child from harm is an acceptable exception. Opting for a digital monitoring solution to prevent abuse of WhatsApp by children is a wise decision for various reasons. Firstly, the app may work in stealth, thus allowing parents to know exactly what their kids are up to, and not find themselves duped into believing that all’s well when in actual it’s not. Secondly, spying apps are mostly effective and reliable because if they don’t deliver results, it deals a massive blow to the reputation of developers. Thirdly and most importantly, WhatsApp spy apps enable parents to access the logged information remotely, thus offering both convenience and secrecy.

Before spying on kids’ WhatsApp interactions, parents must ensure that they are clear on their motives and stick to the actual purpose instead of crossing the fine line that separates monitoring from snooping. If they are not careful, they might lose their youngsters’ trust for good.

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  • Steven

    May 24, 2017 at 11:45 am

    I have chosen top 3 spy apps for its ability to monitor iMessage and whatsapp spy on non-jailbroken iPhones. I was skeptical at first, as other parental control apps cannot do it. However, everything works perfectly, and I’m very thankful I have it.


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