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The Importance of UX Design for your Target Market

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The Importance of UX Design for your Target Market1When you build your brand through your website, it not only pertains to visual elements like the series of screens, pages, and color themes. The time when only the User Interface (UI) matter is long gone, and these days, your business needs to incorporate User Experience or UX design to make your brand stand out.

The UI and UX designs used to be associated only with designers; however, these have become an integral part of your marketing campaign. UX design is now a driving force for marketers and business owners to deliver the best to their target audience.

Making UX Design A Priority

When you own a business, your goal is to allow your customers to distinguish and differentiate you from your competitors positively. You initially make efforts to your branding, which will enable you to set yourself from the rest. It affects how your audience perceives your business and embodies how your brand looks, speaks, and acts towards your market.

On the other hand, user experience or UX designed is defined as how a person feels when interacting with a system. It is not limited to websites alone but can also be from a web application, software, and any other form of device to human interaction.

When married off, branding and user experience can make your business grow and give traction towards your market audience. Most marketers today agree that user experience is more than the buzz word. It is a critical part of your marketing strategy and a driving force to grow your business and establish a relationship with your target market.

How Does UX Design Affect Your Target Market

1. Attract New Users

When you have a new website, web application, or a new app, the first interaction with your target audience is crucial. Based on your UI or UX design, users will be attracted to your unique offering. The initial steps will leave the first impression, which will determine if your target market will continue browsing or abandon your website for good.

If a new user came across your website and your UX design is too confusing or too complicated, chances are your prospective customers will not stay. If you failed to attract them within the first few seconds, it is game over. Unless your target market is very adamant and they are drawn to your brand, you can then expect them to stay. Otherwise, they will abandon any interaction with your site and move on with your competitors.The Importance of UX Design for your Target Market1

Your website should help and guide new users instead of confusing them. It should be easy to navigate, and your customers can easily spot what they are looking for on your site. Your UX design should also be able to adapt to whatever screen your prospects are using.

2. Engage Users

Once you can capture your target audience’s attention, the next thing you need is to keep them enticed with your website or app. UX design is a great way to keep your target market interested in what you offer. It means that whatever you put in your UX design is essential to let them stay focused on a page or screen they are navigating. Any element that appears on their screen like a button, a menu and other items should provide a seamless flow and will have the ability to keep your target market navigate easily on the task in your application or website.

3. Promotes Ease of Use

If you are developing a website or an app for your target audience, they must be able to browse the app or website with any interruption or glitches. They should be comfortable with the app, and it should be easy to use.

Ease of use is widely integrated by designers and by now by marketers as a central usability concept. It involves all UX design elements that make it easier for your customers to navigate and discover your content or products.The Importance of UX Design for your Target Market1

This concept is essential to help attract your users and keep on engaging your existing clients. As you begin your design process, always keep in mind to find the uncomplicated path for your audience to complete their search or task on your website.

 4. Increase User Retention

There are millions of websites that your audience can come across each day. Besides making your website pop up among the rest, user experience can help with your retention rate.

User retention represents making your customers get hooked with your brand with the help of your UX design. While you want your UX design to attract new users, you may also want to value your returning visitors. After all, it is easier to keep existing users than acquiring new ones.

A good UX design will aid in making your users come back and engage with your website regularly. It is essential to improve your website’s UX design to boost your retention rate number.

5. Enhance Sales Conversion

Your website acts as your online ambassador and brochure that your customers can easily access at any given time. More than that, one of your website’s goal is to provide a reasonable conversion rate. To achieve that particular goal, you need to incorporate a positive user experience. Having a good UX design will affect your conversion rate and turn your audience into loyal customers.The Importance of UX Design for your Target Market1

As you build or improve your website, make sure to lean on UX design elements to enhance sales conversion. You can have call-to-action (CTA) buttons to guide and direct your audience on what to do next. Just make sure to place CTA buttons in easy to see, read, and click locations of your website.

Another UX design element that can improve your conversion rate is the speed of your website. How fast your website loads is also a determinant for your organic rankings. Slow browse sites and complicated processes can make your sales conversion rates suffer and do not improve your relationship with your target market.

Final Thoughts

In this digital era, the relationship with UX design and marketing strategies is essential to make a brand successful. These two can work hand in hand in delivering a unique experience toward your audience that can make you stand out among competitors. Together, they can help improve your connection with your target audience and gear your brand towards deeper engagement and improved sales conversion.


Maricar worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia – the leading software e-Commerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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