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How to speed up your website in 2021

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Website speed test

The browsing speed of a website is an important point to discuss. If you are a web designer, you should need to design a quick browsing website because 90% of visitors left the website if it takes more than 4 seconds in loading. If you are the one who becomes frustrated with the slow browsing speed of a website and wants to get rid of it. Today, I am going to tell you the way to increase your website browsing speed.

Before going to speed up your website. Make sure to set your goal to accomplish your need. How much speed do you need and how much is enough. If you are new in this community and search for professional web design services in Pakistan, then you find a lot of design firms. Besides these, I’ll suggest you go and pick Web Masters EYE. Web Master EYE is standing with us for years and providing efficient services within-budget packages.

Fewer HTTP Notifications

Downloading images, graphs, style sheet, and content take time to load and HTTP notifications are made by these components. If you are a regular user of google chrome then you can easily check your HTTP requests. Reducing the notifications by removing unnecessary files can help in increasing the speed of your website.

Compress the Size of Images

Heavy images can display a bad effect on mobile responsive design. You should need to use small images files not only to increase the speed also good for mobile screen users. If you have images that have huge sizes then go and compress these images before uploading. A lot of image compressors are available on market but I prefer to use Photoshop. By using Photoshop, you can easily compress the 9.23 MB image to 50.6 KB that is marvelous.

Use Caching 

Caching is not the only way to increase your website speed. Also, saves the time of visitors by storing some elements of your website to visitors desktop.

Caching increases your website loading speed as the user doesn’t need to have any more HTTP requests.

Remove all ads and pop-ups

A lot of ads and pop-up notifications can frustrate readers while reading and pop-ups are all the problem to click. If you get money by posting these ads and notifications. Remember that the amount is too low compare to your market reputation.

These ads not only reduce your traffic also affect badly on your website’s speed. If you want to increase your website browsing speed then go and immediately remove notifications and ads from your website.

Remove Background

Sometimes, we need to insert videos in our website but it is not preferable without background. Nowadays, we see a lot of cool and trendy video backgrounds but it can destroy your website’s speed. Remember that your website speed is worth more than a fancy video background.

Try to insert high-quality images instead of videos to enhance both traffic and website speed.

Hosting Platform

If you want to rank up your website on google and increase their browsing speed rate then you should belong to the web hosting community. Yes, the web hosting community is very compatible. Different web hosting platforms providing their services by taking a very small amount, help you in rank, and speed up your website on google.

 Tools to check your website browsing speed

Multiple tools on the internet are available to check the browsing speed. You simply need to log in to their original website and start moving tools ahead. Popular speed checking tools are;

  • Website speed test.
  • GTMetrix.
  • Google page speed.
  • Uptrends.

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