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How to Get a Google Adsense Account approval ?

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Adsense Account approval is a tough procedure now-a-days. Before 3-4 years the process was easy, because the company was focusing on high quality content. Previously it was accepting very low quality contents and the new registrations very frequently. People are getting rejections after trying so many procedures. Since, people have started fraudulent activities to make money by creating Adsense accounts. Google is constantly changing, updating and altering their services. To create a successful procedure and approval, you must know that there are no shortcuts and tricks. You can get the legitimate approval with the accurate and smart process.

The first thing Google loves is High quality content. But, quality is something referred as a combination of text, some genuine topic or solutions to the inquiry or questions of users, and a rich media that illustrate a precise answer. Also, the images with a descriptive text in a website really matters. If you have a website with no images and only text, it can be considered as a dead website. An image with a proper description added to it adds quality, functionality and the viewers show more interest in the pages. So, always consider using balanced amount of image and text. Domain Age, another factor in the approval. Because, it is the trust level and authority of a domain. The older your website is, the chances of getting approval are likely more. A domain name has to at least one month old, if your domain age is less than that you have to strictly follow Google’s guidelines.



Similar websites are sending requests more and more. Google does not like to approve such sites because, they spread the same information without a little change also. It is not easy for a website unless having uniqueness, specialty and different from many others. Use less competitive niche for your site and use your own way to build up followed by Google’s guidelines. The links (all external and internal) are considered in this process. Which means if you have  balanced of internal (incoming links from another site to yours) and external (points towards other sites from your) links, you can claim your approval. If the bounce rate is more with more outgoing links, Google considers it a spammy site and does not approve further. Domain name should not contain adult preferences and it shouldn’t long. Always create a contact, about us and privacy policy page in order to keep people informed about you. Easy to navigate menu design and a short description to each page is necessary. Every business needs a contact page, about us page with a small description about yourself, and the privacy policy with full user information protection.

Sometimes, if the application gets rejected, you can try once again by adding more quality contents. Create a Google Analytics and Webmasters account. When the site is unique and more informative Google will surely approve within less time. Google is a step ahead of you and really smarter than one can imagine. Follow the strict guidelines and get approval and make more money from your website.

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