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Boost your engagement on Instagram by getting more followers on your business account

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Boost your engagement on Instagram by getting more followers on your business account

For business owners, Instagram is unputdownable these days. You cannot ignore Instagram and its potential for having a massive impact on the growth and development of your business. One of the most popular platforms of social media today, Instagram has the power to make your business go genuinely global. Your outreach for your marketing campaigns can be enhanced significantly with Instagram.

However, to make Instagram work you must be able to boost your engagement on the social media platform significantly. You can do this when you have a high number of genuine followers. This article will focus on what you need to do to get more engagement on your Instagram posts.

  • The importance of Instagram

The reason why Instagram is so popular is that of its inherent simplicity. You will be surprised to know that Instagram is the most popular social media application in the world today. Ever since it first came onto the scene in 2012, Instagram has conquered the world of social media by storm. The total active user base of Instagram is around 500 million users from all around the world. Instagram also has approximately 50 million active users monthly and as many as 1000 likes, and comments are made on Instagram posts every few minutes.  These numbers should be more than enough to convince brands to use Instagram. For business owners, this provides a unique opportunity to market their products to a whole new audience without any geographical barriers.


  • The importance of having a large number of followers on Instagram

When you have a large follower list on Instagram, you will be able to make a lot of new people take note of your business products. When you upload photos and videos of your business products on Instagram, the central goal and objective that you have should reflect that it gets viewed by as many people as possible. It will lead to more and more people knowing about your products. That will mean that more and more people would be willing to buy the products you have. A more substantial follower list will mean that you can get more leads and when you have more leads, the chances of a successful conversion will also be high. With more conversions, you will be able to make more sales as more people will be willing to buy your products. It will boost the number of sales and increase your revenues by multiple times.


  • Boosting engagement on your Instagram profile

One of the easiest ways to get more followers and more business is by increasing the levels of engagement on your Instagram profile and your posts on Instagram. You should be ensuring that the posts you make have comments and likes by a lot of people. It will result in more people noticing your posts and noticing these interactions. As a result of interactions, more people will start making comments, and that will highlight your posts even more.

Tips for boosting engagement on your posts and getting more followers:

  • Always post at the correct times: One of the keys to getting more engagement on your Instagram posts is the timing of your posts. Timing will be vital for getting success on Instagram. The participation that you get will be highly dependent on the timing of your posts. You must not be posting anything during the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM as this is the time when most people are out working. You should be posting either before or after this time slot. Perhaps the most challenging day for getting more engagement on Instagram is Sunday because it is the weekend and most people will be out enjoying. The ideal day for getting higher engagement on Instagram is Monday, and on Thursday you will be likely to be getting more engagement and Instagram follower activity and more traffic. Hence, you should try to post on Monday, two times, the first post should be before 9 AM and the second post should be after 5 pm, try around 7-8 PM. It will boost engagements.

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  • You should be following other profiles on Instagram which are from your niche area or industry: You should try and follow other people who have the same or similar interests that you have. When you are following people, who have similar interests as you have, the chances are that they will quickly notice you. Also, there is a chance that these people will also be following you in return. Thus, you should be trying to reaching out to those people whom you think would likely to be interested in the products and services that you have to offer.


  • Use a good Instagram name on your profile: There is a slim chance that people will be looking for you with your name if you are not a celebrity. Thus, you should be creating names that are revolving around the business website that you have or perhaps the industry in which you are currently working in. Therefore, when people from your industry are trying to search by using the related keywords, it is highly likely that they will see your profile come up.

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Instagram is a fantastic application and will help to make people learn about the business you have and the products you sell. You can use Instagram as a tool for your marketing and make use of the simple tools that Instagram offers quite efficiently for this purpose. You can get a lot of success from Instagram when you post useful and high-quality photos. However, the key to success remains with having more followers and more engagement on your posts. The tips mentioned here will help you in this regard.  By using them, you will be able to make a strong fan base for your business online and efficiently market your products. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will help you.

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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