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How to Effectively Use Infographics for Link Building

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In today’s online marketing world, we encounter a vast number of high-quality content and ways to attract an audience. A long time ago, it was easier to get on the top of Google’s SEO ladder, you just needed a lot of keywords in your website. Nowadays, there is a much better and more engaging way to achieve success, and it’s by using infographics. 

Infographics are graphic images that contain information. They include graphs, charts, and data displayed in attractive ways to show usually complex information which is better understood visually. Below, we will show you how to effectively use infographics for link building.

How does an infographic look like?

Infographics show information, so the first thing you should do is show current and credible data. The data that is being shown in the graphic needs to be from authoritative sources. There is a lot of websites that provide credible data, like .gov or .edu sites. 

The graphic should also show the right amount of information. They are visual representations of information, and a designer knows how to present a lot of data in a concise and harmonious way. Using a colour scheme, typography and icons in a constant way allow for the infographic to be harmonious. 

Posting your infographic

The first step is sharing your infographic. You can upload the graphic onto your website with an embed code and a link that allows sharing it by users to their own website. You should also include social media buttons next to the infographic so that it can be easy to share with those apps and websites also. 

Including social media in your sharing campaign can help you expand your media presence, and give you a possible viral exposure. Knowing your audience can help you to determine which social media app it will be best to gain exposure.

Submitting to infographic galleries and press

Infographic galleries are websites that feature custom graphics and videos. They allow you to provide a link to the original and you can add a short description to your infographic. This is an easy way of gaining backlinks. You can also consider submitting to high-quality galleries, which can gain backlinks easier.

Another way is to publish an optimized press release. The press release should contain the link back to your site, which will serve as the backlink. Submitting to as many sites as possible it the key, helping you quickly gain many backlinks, and better the SEO of your website.

Reaching out to influencers

Influencers and bloggers can share your infographics, and it is a great strategy to reach out to them. The key is to reach out to big influencers that have a high number of followers who could be interested in your infographic. Bloggers are still a very big name in the internet world, and their websites gain a large number of hits and reads. Having your infographic used by them can increase your SEO score. 

Depending on the information in your infographic, you should reach out to influencers and bloggers that could be interested in the topic, or who already are writing or posting about it. Offer something back in value that can help them instead of asking for a favour. They will likely accept it in that way.

Repurposing from existing posts

Using your infographics for already existing posts and topics is also a good way of engaging your audience. You can do this for your own website, just by looking and Google Analytics that shows your most viewed post. By creating an infographic for your old posts, you give new life to them and gain a new outreach from the audience.  

If you created a graphic that goes well for some other website, you can reach out to them and ask them to include your infographic. It makes their post more valuable, and them providing a link to your original graphics gives you a boost in SEO of your website.

Infographic link building outreach

Even if you made the best infographic, it will not do its purpose if you do not have a great outreach and promotion. Sharing your infographic on social sites like Reddit, that have a great number of topics and niches, can help you in reaching the desired audience. You should always reach out to sites that are relevant to your infographic and can provide backlinks.

The infographic will not thrive if you do not have a great promotion. There are ways to have great promotions, like using outreach tools or hiring SEO companies that can help you. Depending on the topic you are covering with your graphic, or the place you are working from, a company like SEO Gold Coast can be a great fit.

Use infographics as the content

If you create an infographic that has great information and graphics, you can also use it as a stand-alone post for your website. No matter how many infographics we see, the Internet is still not saturated with them, so it is a great opportunity to use them to our advantage. Having an infographic as just content will make you more unique, and can be a great addition to your arsenal.

There are many benefits to using and making infographics. Even though they can take a bit more time to make than a regular post on a website, they are a great addition. They can make every post and text more lively and engaging to the audience. 

They are more readable and it’s easier to understand them, with having pictures, graphs and tables to help understand the topic better. Making them attractive and closer to the audience helps us gain more engagement, and sharing with other sites and social media will allow us to gain a huge number of backlinks. Consider posting to galleries and use an optimized press release. 

A sure way to gain audience and backlinks is to increase outreach and improve the promotion of the infographic or make infographics your content.

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