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ow Responsive Web Designs Contribute In Greater Visibility Of The Website

How Responsive Web Designs Contribute In Greater Visibility Of The Website?

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Today, due to the new technologies and new innovations, there has been observed massive increase in the usage of internet on different types of devices other than just desktops. These technologies took over as majority of people feel comfortable in browsing the web on different devices like laptops, tablets and Smartphone. This has definitely increased the number of people surfing the web through the mobile devices day by day.

During earlier times, the web businesses owned just a single website that was used by desktop only. Later, with the rise of mobile users, the website visibility became the challenge for their visibility. In order to counter this problem as well as to improve the user experience and design for the mobile visitors, the website design company in Brisbane opted to go for a responsive web design. The responsive web design is basically a process that would allow the website to have a fluid design that transforms the content, scales them and finally adapt itself to any of the screen size.

Responsive Web Design:

ow Responsive Web Designs Contribute In Greater Visibility Of The Website

How Responsive Web Designs Contribute In Greater Visibility Of The Website

Responsive Web Design is a web development approach that provides the mobile web visitors the best possible website viewing experience. Even if the mobile visitors have different screen sizes, the responsiveness allows the users to navigate the content as well as to see the offerings in the easiest and most engaging ways. Initially, when responsive web design was not much popular, the designers used to design a mobile version and a desktop version of a website. But, these were not were not so popular due to high efficiency as well as less complexity of a responsive design.

While designing and developing a website the website designers ensure that the code allows the text, images, screen-layout as well as other elements of the site for adjusting and scaling the website on their own. As a result, it could be said that designing a responsive website is nothing but just the work of creativity. This offers the visitors an ideal view of the device, whatever the device is being used.

Due to the responsive web design the time and money is being saved to a greater extent. As traditional sites costs much less as compared to the responsive ones, but when considered the usage of the website then there are more number of mobile internet users as compared to the desktop internet users. Thus, it is better to consider one-time investment and providing a responsive website to the users. Also, the increased number of mobile users is gathering the number of potential customers and so for them, responsive website designing is proving as one of the impeccable success factors.

In order to optimize the user experience, if one is thinking to redesign their website, then one should improvise their plan while opting to go with responsive design website. Not just the creatively designed responsive website enhances the look and feel of the website, but it also increases the market share as compared to their competitors. As a result, this helps in improving the brand value as well as brand recognition in the market.

Also, if one plans to launch up a start up business by gathering desirable customers on mobile, desktop as well as tablet then responsive design is surely the way to go with. Thus, this is how the visibility of the website increases just by opting the responsive website design technique.

Author’s Bio: Ryan has been working with a website design company in Brisbane since last few years. In the above post he is sharing the importance of responsive website design in the visibility of the website.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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