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The reason why Bean Town SEO firm prefers wordPress

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wordpress-cmsWhen planning to market your products or trade, it is important to use the cheapest way provided by the marketing agencies. Some of the marketing techniques may seem cheaper yet they are quite efficient. Most businesses are spending huge sums on expensive SEOs yet word press is effective and affordable. Below are some of the various benefits of using word press.

Easy to use

The usage of word press is extremely easy to use. The learning process for using word press is simple and understandable. Within a matter of minutes, you can be able to use word press. This feature makes it easy for countless individuals to use it in the promotion of their content. It is due to this reason that word press is known for its prominent 5-minute install. Hence, it is very effective.

Multi user ability

Sometimes handling people when there is a lot of traffic can be very difficult. The developers of word press were aware of these challenges and enabled it to be operated by more than a single person. This makes the management of the page to be very easy. That also increases the effectiveness of meeting the expectations and the demands of the people visiting the page.

Commitment to development

The developers of word press are also dedicated to developing the page. This is done by making various changes periodically to enhance the effectiveness of word press. By working on the weaknesses of word press, they end up making it better than the previous versions. By using word press, you will be guaranteed that it will always be better than the current versions.


In the online market, customers are always after the testimonials of the past customers of the online retailer or vendor. You will be losing customers when your page does not have this feature. Word press has the ability of creating space in your site for testimonials. This is possible by adding the testimonial plugins. This will culminate in attraction of a high number of customers.

Scheduling of posts

Operating a business is a very difficult task and it consumes more of your time. Without having a proper scheduling plan to update the information in your site, you will be losing clienteles. Word press is beneficial in assisting the users to schedule their posts in advance. Hence, after completing to write a post, you can schedule it to be posted whenever you feel is the best time.

Numerous themes

Word press offers its users the opportunity to make their page beautiful and to their liking. Thus, it has provided numerous themes meant to make the page look attractive. It is apparent that customers on the internet will always be attracted to sites that are eye catching. You can take sufficient time and examine the various themes provided for you. After the assessment, elect the best one.

Easy to switch host providers

The reason why people stick to one site is due to lack of compatibility with some of the hosts’ servers. With word press, you have the potential of switching host providers anytime without having a downtime. Word press is compatible with numerous types of servers. This makes it easy for the users to find a host provider with the capacity of managing his/her traffic.

Cost effectiveness

The reason why Bean Town SEOfirm recommends word press is due to its cost effectiveness. First, word press is free. You need no acquisition charges to install it. That is one of the biggest advantages that it has above all the other software. Apart from being free, it does not need maintenance costs. You can easily manage your site and make any changes you desire alone.

Mobile friendly

You will realize that countless customers prefer to procure products using their mobile devices and tablets. This means that very soon the retailers whose sites are mobile friendly will be attracting a lot of traffic. Word press provides an opportunity for the vendors to capture mobile clients. Word press is mobile friendly and that makes it easy for mobile clients to access your site.

Use of multimedia

The use of multimedia in marketing has culminated in higher sales and huge profit margins. This is because countless customers are interested in viewing the videos and the pictures of the products they intend to procure. In the recent past, the use of video has proven to be highly effective. Word press will enable you to share video adverts since it supports usage of multimedia.


By relying on word press for the promotion of your content, you will get support whenever you need. Word press has a community of the people using it. The community consists of people who are more knowledgeable of using the word press. Whenever you require assistance, you can obtain it easily from the members within the community. The developers can also be of assistance.

Customized sites

The developers of word press are aware that the users would need customized sites. Thus, they have an offer for these provisions. You have the ability of owning a site that is unique from the others. Customized sites are very important for the branding of your business. Customization enables the prospective customers to differentiate your site from the other product providers.


Any site that attracts huge traffic is always vulnerable to hacking. That has made word press to be among the top target for hackers. You can prevent hacking by evading downloading anything from untrustworthy sites. Word press developers are committed to ensuring the security of their clientele by updating it every time. Updating the system prevents hacking.

Search engine friendly

Word press has the ability of making your top searches to be among the top listings. Most search engines prefer obtaining those sites in word press first. The framework of word press makes it easy for search engines to get its sites easily. This gives your site an upper advantage whenever the prospective clienteles are making a search.

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James Ali is an experienced entrepreneur and an expert in Bean Town SEO Company. For more information and guidance, visit his site.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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