Free Web Design Coaching / Training (WordPress) 2014

When Are We Starting the Free Online Web Design Coaching /Training (WordPress)?

Web Design Students @ RCCG Redemption House, Aguda, July 2011

Web Design Students @ RCCG Redemption House, Aguda Surulere, Lagos –  July 2011

So many has been asking me, Mr. Webmaster, when are we going to start the Web Design Coaching/Training. So I am here to answer the question. I wanted the number to reach 50 but as it is, so many are not indicating interest on it. As of this morning, 18th January, 2014, I can only see 24 registered members. So I want to give one week grace to people that have not registered. After this week I will close the register and we start.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you that this is not a child’s play, I am very serious. This the first time I am organizing this kind of training online and I want you to give testimony at the end of the exercise. I don’t to be a failure and you too will be happy to learn how to design beautiful and functional website.

Some might not know the benefit of learning how to design website especially WordPress. WordPress is very interesting package you can use to design beautiful and functional website for your company and it is also use to design a blog. So many people are making money from their blog just by sharing their knowledge to their readers. Again, if you want to go into Internet Marketing, you at least need the basic knowledge of Web Design to perform very well.

I have published the names of the registered members below for you to check if you have registered. There is a link below to the registration form in case you have not registered.


  1. Adelere                Abiodun
  2. Rokeeb                Atanda
  3. Kennecth             Ifeanyi
  4. Great                   Agoruah
  5. Amans                 Wenew
  6. Lukuman             Salman
  7. Solomon              Samson
  8. Abubakar             Sadiq
  9. Me                        Dede
  10. Christian              Eze
  11. Bidemi                 Oritunmise
  12. Akpene                Jacob
  13. Nnakwe               Anthony
  14. Ese                        Omaruaye
  15. Obinna                Nweke
  16. Christopher         Asuquo
  17. Oludare               Odetola
  18. Emmanuel           Lukas
  19. Emmanuel           Obi
  20. Adebayo              Adelekan
  21. Gabriel                 Igberaese
  22. Emmanuel           Idika
  23. Yusuf                    Lukman
  24. Mark                    Onyibe

Link to Registration Form:


  1. Akpene Jacob
    January 18, 2014 at 12:33 pm Reply

    This is nice, can’t wait to start

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