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Building a brand with social media

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In this digital age, more than traditional media, people rely on social media for updates of the world, making purchase decisions, and more. Everyone today wants to build a brand on social media because of the trend of the omnichannel presence of the brands. But most people fail because the approach they take up is vague. Starting your brand on social media needs strategic planning which is broadly the same yet different in the nitty-gritty for each platform whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. Further, in this article, we will discuss some tried and tested strategies to build a brand with social media.

Building brand identity on social media

Your brand should have something to stand out from the other brands in the market or something taking a look at which people think of your company only. A logo, a color scheme, a brand motto, or something unique to your brand only will always make it easier for people to differentiate you from the others. According to a Canva blog, colors give personality to your brand. So, it is important to be consistent in the usage of colors while posting pictures on social media about your products or any independent posts. While your logo should be the same for all the platforms, there might be a need to size it differently for different platforms. Before delving into the marketing strategies, it is important to provide an identity to your brand on social media.

BrandImage Credits : PayU Blog

Be conversational like a storyteller

While it is important to send out a strong message with your posts on social media, it is also important to maintain a tone of your posts. Choose a tone that makes you connect with the audiences better. The Indian audience has been brought up listening to stories and hence when a brand tries to inflect a story while posting on social media, the audiences connect with them. While building a story, be careful to stick around the basic idea of your brand and not change focus. The content, however, should be tailored for different social media platforms. For example, you have to be crisp while sharing a story on twitter while you can go on and on Facebook or Instagram because these platforms allow a broader bandwidth for writing.

a storytellerImage Credits : The Writing Cooperative

Quality is quintessential

Whether it is the text you are putting out or a visual, the most important thing is that it should be of high quality. People look for quality content and disgrace anything which is of low quality. So, if you are putting up a video on your social media channel, make sure the video quality is high resolution. The same goes for pictures as well as textual content. Bryan Bren in his book “Social Media Marketing Step by Step,” suggests that the pictures should be “attractive”, “tasteful”, and “creative” to attract the attention of the audiences. Read any marketing book for social media, you will find the same interpretation in different words.

Reach your Target Audience

Target audience is a group of people who share similar interests as your brand’s purpose. To reach your target audience, you should make use of the right hashtags on various platforms. For example, you are a fashion brand, search for hashtags like #fashion, #clothes, etc. Identify your audience first and then identify what they expect from your brand. Try to curate content on social media which matches the demand of your target audience.

Target AudienceImage Credits: Paprika ads

Find a social media influencer in your niche

To reach your target audience, you can find social media influencers who are working in the same niche as yours. A fashion influencer has an audience that must be interested in a fashion brand and hence a fashion brand should look for a fashion influencer for the marketing of their business. When you look for an influencer, don’t go by the number of followers they have as it might be deceiving. You must look at how engaged they are with their followers. Joe Gagliese, the co-founder of an influencer agency, Viral Nation, says in an interview with Vox, “A micro-influencer, which is someone that has 10,000 to 50,000 followers, is pretty valuable. They used to only pick up a couple of hundred bucks, but today, they get a minimum of a few thousand dollars a post.”If you have a big brand, you can also have a celebrity to promote your brand. Celebrities are also becoming social media influencers nowadays. According to an article ‘Which celebrity turned into influencers’, in Women’s Era, October 2019, celebrities are entering the influencer marketing industry as it provides them money as well as increase their fan base.

social media influencerImage Credits: Business 2 Community

Nothing can beat consistency

While all the above mentioned holding great importance, there is nothing that can beat consistency in posting relevant content. Many brands start their social media page but forget about it after some time. This leads to their followers losing interest in their brand. You might find followers unfollowing your social media page after a period of “no activity” on your page. If you can’t manage your brand’s page by yourself, you can take help from an influencer or hire a social media expert for handling your brand’s page. Do whatsoever but it is essential to post consistently on your social media pages. While there are no fixed time slots for social media, you must put out content when many people usually use social media. For example, you can get more engagement post evening when usually people are free from their work.

Analyze your performance

Keep a check on user activity on your brand page. Each social media platform provides you with insights into the activity on the page. Note down which type of content works for you the most and then try to curate content according to the analysis. This analysis should be done on a weekly or monthly basis to make your brand function better.

Here are the things you can do to build a brand on social media. As we said, specific strategies can alter for each platform, but the basics remain the same.

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