Find Real Flesh and Blood Fans on Facebook

Real Facebook Fans

Real Facebook Fans

Imagine you were helped in creating a fan page for your business on Facebook, in a few days you see a hell lot of people liking your page as well. The initial venture itself being a hit makes you spend less time in thinking whether it is practically possible or not, however, in a few days reality strikes you when you wish to log into the your page, but a message pops up informing you that the page is no more available, and not only that but also that your fan page has been reported abuse and that you have been completely banned from using Facebook. I am not trying to scare you away from Facebook, or from creating and checking out the number of fans on Facebook, but this is actually a warning of a situation which many had to face, who just like you had actually been pledged to a success in the social media website, but what came out was a complete disaster.

Few important tips you would want to know, as how to recognize a fraudster trying to help you buy Facebook fans is as follow:

  • The ones who guarantee providing the service at a cheap and best rate. Yes that is not some firm you would want to believe, as they are out there to make quick money, and will later vanish from the scene leaving you all on your own to face the repercussions.
  • Then there are the ones who go out of the way in giving you a time period within which you will find the number of your Facebook fans increasing. That is practically not possible, as fans are the people who hear about you, explore your products or your talents and only when satisfied like your page, how can anyone in such a situation guarantee a rise in the fan list.
  • When you are out searching for a fans you need to research a bit, find you from people who have been helped by the firm in doing business, these days the firm’s website has feedback columns, blogs etc which invite people to come and talk about their experience with the firm, if you find none with the one you are going to do business with, you did better think of another option, as they are not the right people you would want to be associated with., this is probably the website you would want to look for, as they are the guarantors of genuine fans for your Facebook page. They will help you find fans who exist in flesh and blood, sitting in some distant part of the world but are humans, and not only fake accounts. This will help you increase the number of fans in a genuine way, not only that but also help you be heard among the lot and thus find new customers for your business, new investors ready to do business with you as well, this will help you grow and earn credibility as well.

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